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  1. How funny, I was just thinking about sloppy joes last night! It's like you read my mind 🙂 I do have all of this in my pantry,so guess what I'm making for dinner? Best of all, bye-bye Manwich!

  2. I'm going to make these this week! I think my husband, Mr. Picky-Eater, must have been in your family some how because he loves Kraft Cheese Singles!! He WILL NOT eat anything else…..and he puts it on every thing. In other words, he puts a Single on every single thing! : ) Love you and all your recipes!! Congrats on 10,000 likers/followers etc..

  3. What a great meal….especially with that melted cheese on top. YUUUUMMMM! I'm glad to see a picture of your hubby too….being a visual person, I like knowing what folks look like. What a gorgeous family you are! Thanks for sharing another family favorite…have a yummy day Friend. XO

  4. My 5 yo breaks out in a really bad rash anytime I've made sloppy joe's using Manwich. I'll give this a try. What is the flour for? To thicken it up?

  5. I made these for our pot luck Christmas lunch at work. I cooked my meat and mixed it all at the house, and then when I got to work, I just plugged it in and let it cook while I worked. EVERYONE on the floor was yelling out, "WHAT IT THAT I SMELL?! IT SMELLS SOOOOOO GOOD!" I got as many compliments of the taste as I did the smell. It was excellent! I'll never do a "can" sloppy joe ever again.

  6. Just made this recipe today and OMG, DELICIOUS! Love your website and all your yummy recipes. I'm going to try out a few more in the next week and can't wait! 😀

  7. My favorite part about your website it the picture of all the ingredients you use. Mainly because I buy mostly store brand items also. I thing most store brand items make a great dinner!! This recipe, along with 6 other recipes, will be on my menu for this week!

  8. I was curious how many servings this recipe makes? I am planning on making this for my husband's birthday!

    Thanks! Looks great 🙂

  9. I am making this for 30-35 people in a week. How much would you recommend making for this amount of people? Also, I will be making it the day before our event. Is this still good if reheated?

    • Hi Trisha, this recipe will serve 8-10 people. So you would probably want to at least triple it. You can cut back the ground beef to about 1 1/2 pounds instead of the 2 pounds. That should help cut back on the cost a little for making so much of it.

  10. I have never really liked Sloopy Jo's but after making several of your recipes I decided to try it and I am completely in love with this one! I would recommend it to anyone!

  11. My picky son loved this! I did as well. I had never done it in the crock pot and now I’ll continue to do so. I quote my kid “Since it’s called ‘Sloppy Joes’ I’m expected to be sloppy!”

  12. This recipe is one of my favorites to make. I don’t like Manwich because of all the onions and peppers, so I love that with this recipe I can control what I put in. Instead of a whole onion, I buy the frozen chopped onions and just sprinkle in a few of them. In my slow cooker, I’ve found that 6 hours is too long, so last time I made it I only did 4.5 hours and that was plenty long.

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