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  1. When you say in the recipe green onions does this mean just the "green top part of the onion" or all of it (complete onion).

    • I just used the green part but you could use the white part too. Just make sure to dice it up into small enough pieces so someone isn't biting into a big chunk of onion. 🙂

  2. I love Pimento Cheese and have since I was a little girl growing up in Texas…the only version I don't like is the premade one that is loaded with sugar. This dip looks wonderful. Thank you!

  3. Holy Cow…this sounds amazing. I am not a southern girl so I never grew up nor heard of it until a few years back. I did taste it while visiting Savannah….wasn't impressed much. But this one has got my attention for sure! I'll make it soon for football playoffs…the guys will be happy to try something new! With sharp cheddar cheese and cream cheese..seriously how can you go wrong….I just want to take a spoonful of it right from the pictures you have on here…salivating, slurp!!

  4. This look so, so good, Brandie! The dip idea is genius. I love pimiento cheese, or as my mother called it, pimiento and cheese. I've never found a way to make it that's the way I like it. You can't beat a good pimiento and cheese sandwich!

  5. I never liked pimento cheese until I made it in my own kitchen. Your recipe is different that the one I have, so can't wait to try your version. Sounds like this one should go right to my Superbowl menu. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Masterchief found Bacon Ritz at Walmart yesterday. I'm making this dip for him to go with them. I know he'll love it!
    My recipe book is filled with so many of your recipes.
    Thank you!!

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