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  1. I like both. I've attended the National Cornbread Festival many times. Great fun and good food! I plan my visits to TN around festival time.

  2. Guess I like sweet cornbread, but I only use about 1-2 TB per my small skillet recipe – so it's not too sweet.

  3. This is my first time on The Country Cook site but I have "wandered" around and I love it. I also love all kinds of cornbread and would love this Gift Set!

  4. That looks scrumptions! When is dinner? I like cornbread a little sweet, but not so much if it's too sweet. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. As long as it is good old fashion cornbread, it doesn't matter which. Love it even as dessert with blackberry jam and butter on it.

  6. I am so jealous you get to judge the competition! I like my cornbread a little sweet in most applications. But I will eat it either way 😉

  7. If I am eating with my Mother I like the cornbread unsweet and if I am eating with my MIL I like it sweet! We love cornbread made in the waffle iron…

  8. I LOVE ALL CORNBREAD!!! However, I suppose I'd have to say I'd take Sweet Cornbread, if asked. I love the sweetness and golden brown look! Yes, it tastes like cake, that's alright….I could eat it like a piece of cake any day!

  9. First time on your web site,and
    impressed with the recipe for waffle tacos.I have to say I like both kinds of cornbread,but sure would love to have a waffle maker.

  10. My husband and I love cornbread. We break it into pieces and mix it into our chili. Not too much mixing, just a tad. There is usually not enough leftover corn bread to go with the leftover chili, so I generally make more the next day.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  11. I never met any cornbread I did not like. A little bakery not far from me makes a corn cake. Might put you in mind of an English muffin but cornbread and you do not split in half. They are wonderful warmed a little with butter or jam and just as good with chili.

  12. I like both sweet and regular, if I am making potatoes and having stewed potatoes and corn bread or pinto beans and corn bread, then I use the regular one but if I am serving corn bread with a complete meal then I use the sweeten kind. Love Martha White products

  13. I like unsweetened cornbread. If it's sweet then it must be cake.
    Can't wait to try the cornbread waffles and I have always wanted one of the wedge skillets.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  14. I love cornbread sweet or savory but a little sweet is my favorite. Love to have it as a sweet accompaniment to chili especially but any way is great.

  15. I like sweet cornbread unless it's the kind my Mama used to make in the frying pan, then I like it savory~

  16. I'm all about the sweet cornbread! The waffles and fixin's look great- and thanks for a great giveaway!

  17. I like unsweet personally. My husband likes unsweet also. He is from Tennessee and introduced me to bluegrass music, Rhonda Vincent, and the Martha White theme song.

  18. We like corn bread with creamed corn and jalapenos in it ..Even some bacon !!
    Thanks for the chance to win ….

  19. Love cornbread…making some for dinner to go with my wilted lettuce….yum…….fry some bacon and add the bacon grease to my lettuce and have cornbread and it is so delicious……gotta add some onions tho…..

  20. I like sweet cornbread. I an not a huge fan of cornbread, however, my hubby and son love it sweet too 🙂

  21. My mother always made us sweet cornbread, and I love it. I also love unsweetened cornbread, too. Please do not make me choose. Although, if you do make me choose, I'll say sweet.

  22. Cornbread has sugar in it already. Do bakers add more and call it sweet or do some leave it out? I'm confused and I've eaten it for 60+ years.

  23. This looks like something I would REALLY enjoy. I can't stand chili without cornbread. This puts everything to the test! Best of everything!!! I wish I could go with you to Tennessee, one of my favorite places (after Virginia, of course)!

  24. I will take cornbread anyway I can get it. I love it. I use it a lot as a base for my navy beans. Stack cornbread, beans, fried taters and then use as a spoon a Vadila Onion that has been taken apart. 🙂

  25. What brand of Waffle Iron do you have? I have looked at several and can't make up my mind. I want one that will work correctly! Thanks!

  26. We LOVE Cornbread! I only make it in a cast iron skillet. That is the way my great grandmother, grandmother & my mother used to make it! Love to make it with a pot of white beans and taters! That is a meal in in self!! We are from Tennessee and all my family is from here also…. LOVE CORNBREAD!!!

  27. I love my cornbread unsweetened with a big cast iron pan full of fried potatoes and a glass of milk with a sweet vidaida onion

  28. I like both but prefer unsweetened that way it goes well with honey and lots of butter, also chili or beans and ham.

  29. I confess to being half Yankee, but my maternal Southern half has loved cornbread my whole life. Nothin' much better!

  30. I LOVE CORNBREAD! Sweet, unsweetened, fried, baked, cornbread dressing, cornbread muffins, cornbread pancakes … eaten alone or with a large glass of homemade sweet GA tea!! YUMMY!!!!!

  31. I love the really sweet kind that tastes almost like cake. I think though that if it is to be eaten with chili on top not so sweet would be better.

  32. Seeing this awesome cornbread waffle idea makes me giddy! Brilliant! I am most definitely a SWEET cornbread gal.

  33. I like a sweet cornbread. My goodness I never thought to do this with my waffle maker. This sure does look good. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe and giveaway!

  34. I love all kinds of cornbread!

    This is a great giveaway and I hope I win this.

    Keep up the great work!!




  36. I would soooooooooo love to win this and make cornbread waffles. I love cornbread and making the waffles into tacos would be so different and delicious

  37. This recipe looks delicious. I like cornbread, sweet or not. I would love to win the skillet, mix and cookbook.

  38. I like any kind of cornbread! Its according to what you are eating with it as to which sweet or regular. I guess if I could only eat one I would go with sweet only because I could not do without sweet cornbread at all.


  40. I love unsweetened cornbread made with yellow cornmeal. Those recipes look so delicious. thank you for posting them.

  41. I live in South Dakota your recipes remind me of being a little girl in Louisiana.Any cornbread is great, but sweet is the best.

  42. Any cornbread is wonderful to eat. Love the cast iron cornbread maker. Would love to win, as everyone else who signed up, lol.

  43. I've never tried cornbread waffles so I will have to try this recipe. I like a little sugar in my cornbread. Thanks

  44. I,ll eat either but I prefer sweet cornbread I like to put a couple of drops of vanilla extract to my batter it gives my cornbread a wonderful slight flavor

  45. We love all cornbread in this house. When I was a young girl we used to eat cornbread and milk on Sunday night after church oh the memories!!

  46. I wondered a while back if the waffle iron could be used to make cornbread. Right now, I don't have an oven, and we have really missed eating cornbread with many of our meals. I will try this and see what the family thinks. Frying it makes it a bit too greasy, but I think this will work. Thanks.

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