Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Butter Crumble Apple Pie

I'm not sure there is a prettier word in the English dictionary than "Pie".  This one word will always get everyone's attention.  Especially if you're using it in a sentence of,  "I think I'm gonna make some pie."  Anyone within hearing distance will automatically turn their head in your direction and nod aggressively in agreement. Oh yeah, pie.  Who doesn't have a special memory that involves pie?  Whether it was how your Grandma or Mom lovingly prepared the perfect pie.  Or the diner the next town over that makes "The. Best. Pie. Ever."

I love to eat pies and I like to make pies.  And I love when I actually have the time to do up one from scratch.  We go apple picking every year and I look forward to making an apple pie. But for me, I don't like my pies to be too hard or too fussy to make.  Simple is the always the key word here.  So here it is.  An easy, and simple apple pie recipe. Nothing fancy. No specialty ingredients.  The apples are the star here. Just give yourself time and patience to make it. Simple deliciousness.
1 (9-inch pie) premade pie crust or Make Your Own

For the filling:
6 Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and sliced
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. ground cinnamon

For the butter crumble topping:
1/3 cup white sugar
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 stick (8 tbsp. butter), room temperature
Preheat your oven to 400F degrees

For those of you not really familiar with all the variety of apples.  I'm using Granny Smith (green apples).  They are more tart than red apples and they hold up better in baked goods.
Unlike red apples, that can turn a bit mushy while baking.
 I don't have an apple peeling and coring machine.  So I just peel the apples with a small handheld peeler, and then just cut down four sides of the apples, then thinly slice them.
Discard the apple cores, or better yet, put them in your compost bin. 
Put your sliced apples in a bowl.
 Toss in flour, sugar and ground cinnamon.
Give it all a good stir to make sure all the apple slices are thoroughly coated.
I'm using my Wham Bam Pie Crust for this pie.
If you missed that recipe, click HERE. It is a very easy pie crust.
After I make it, I keep it in the fridge while I'm making the filling.
Put apple filling into the pie crust.
Making sure you spread it out and all the apple pieces are lying flat.
  Now, time to make the crumble.
In a bowl, combine, flour and sugar.
Then add in softened butter.
Using a large fork, combine the flour mixture with the butter until it looks crumbly.
Sprinkle the crumble mixture all over the top of the pie.
 Bake in the center rack of your oven for about 45 minutes until apples are soft and top is golden brown.
I don't know about y'all but I think pies taste even better the day after they are made.
I think it helps the filling really set up.
So this is a great pie to make the day before you actually need it.
 Slice (and if necessary warm each slice in the microwave for a few seconds) and serve with a
 generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.


  1. Can I just say that I love easy recipes!! Thanks

  2. That looks incredibly tasty. I am going to make it. I hope you place all of these wonderful recipes in your recipe file. Please? I am desperate.

  3. Oh how I wish I could come over and help you get rid of that lovely pie. I'm all about easy too - this sounds perfect!

  4. Pie? Did someone say pie?!? Just kidding. This looks so good. As soon as I saw the photo I wanted to grab it off the screen.

  5. Apple pie topped with a stick of butter! It doesn't get any better.

  6. this apple pie makes me drooling..

    very nice..

  7. I'm going to have to try this. This looks less messy than a typical dutch apple pie with the crumble topping and FAR easier than rolling out a top crust. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I whipped this up this evening for my husbands 41st birthday...watching it bake in the oven know and it is a beautiful sight and my house smells wonderful. Used your wham bam pie crust and it was a snap to put together! I think my husband is about to fall in love with me all over again! Thank you very much for the wonderful recipe!

  9. Pie, yes please. The photo's made my mouth water. I will try this recipe.

  10. I made this apple pie for a church singing event last night with your homeomade pie crust and to say the least it was a HIT!!! Thank you for posting great recipies! God Bless!

  11. I am generally not a pie person, but anything with a crumb topping usually turns my head.

    I had to try this recipe....OH MY GOODNESS...I made it on Saturday afternoon, and it was GONE by Sunday evening...and get's the first real pie I've ever made! Thanks so much for your delicious, easy recipes!!!

  12. Brandi, this pie caught my eye because it looks just like one of our treasured family recipes!! Nana's apple pie is a crumble topped pie like this one, and it taste incredible! There's something about apple pie that seems so wholesome and heartwarming to me! Beautiful pictures.

  13. I've just been given a boxful of quince by my local apple grower. Have you ever baked with them? I think they are a fruit of the past and not many people bake with them anymore. I've heard of people making jelly and pies with quince and I'm wondering if they would work in this recipe. Any thoughts?

  14. first timed i peeled an apple and first pie i ever baked and i think i nailed it! just came out of oven and smells amazing! i could only fit 4 and a 1/2 sliced apples in my store bought pie crust though, must have bought bigger apples than yours

  15. It was also my first time making an apple pie and crust! It turned out perfect! I brought it to our work Thanksgiving and everyone loved it, even shared the recipe with a few co workers! Thanks so much Brandie!

  16. I "pinned" this recipe as soon as I saw it and just now printed it to add to my Thanksgiving baking. It looks so yummy, can't wait for dessert on Thursday.Thanx for this and so many of your wonderful recipes!! Happy Thanksgiving !! !!

  17. I made this for my Thanksgiving Dinner this year, my new go to easy apple pie recipe. Thanks, it was really easy to make and I love that I dont have to make 2 crusts, and DELICIOUS. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  18. Luv this pie!
    Your blog is just wonderful, thank you for sharing!!!

  19. This looks awesome! Would a can of apple filling be good for this recipe?? I don't have any apples on hand. =/

  20. If I make this pie with the Wham Bam Pie Crust, do I need to prebake the pie crust?

  21. I am excited to try this pie out, but was wondering if anyone has had success with baking and then freezing for a later date?! Any suggestions on good ways to freeze for a couple of months and then thawing out/warming up for a delicious taste would be much appreciated! Thanks.

  22. I have not had a problem making and freezing apple pies. I make the filling- put it in the pie crust ( this is all unbaked) , wrap it up really good with plastic wrap, then wrap it in foil and put it in a freezer bag. When you want to eat it - take it out of the freezer and put the crumble topping on then and bake. I don't thaw them out before baking- you will have to add a little more time and I usually bake mine at 350. I made 6 pies like this last summer and we just ate up the last one a couple of weeks ago

  23. Mine didn't come out quite as pretty as yours - and I think maybe there was a little too much butter in the crust (it spread quite a bit) but Oh. My. Goodness. that was the best apple pie I've ever had in my LIFE! Thank you!!!

  24. OMG my house smells AMAZING right now!!! This pie came out gorgeous!!! Easiest recipe too. Can't wait to serve it warm later w/vanilla ice cream :) Thank you for posting the recipe, it's a definite keeper!!!!

  25. This pie was a huge hit with the hubby & kids ( & myself)!! & ohh so easy! Hubby said it was better than Moms (shhh :) Thanks for this keeper!! -Michelle

    1. Yahoo!! Love hearing that Michelle! Thank you so much for coming back to let me know!

  26. I made this today and it is delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

  27. Loved this pie! Thanks!

  28. This has been my "go to" apple pie recipe since I found it, it is AMAZING.

  29. I made this yesterday for my boyfriend and it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing :-)

  30. Brandie, I must tell you that this is the BEST apple pie I've ever made and in my 73 yrs I've made a few! I also tried the crumble part of the recipe on a peach and a cherry pie - yum! You are a winner in our family, my dear! Thank you for all the great recipes... : )

  31. This is a great recipe! I made my filling a little different and added some brown sugar to the crumb topping and drizzled the top with glaze after baking....YUM! Thanks so much for the recipe:)

  32. Brandi
    I am making this pie AGAIN
    I love it so much and I have such great success every time.
    Thank You so much for this recipe
    It's a favorite

  33. I want to make this and use your Wham Bam Crust recipe. Do I pre-bake the crust before adding the apple filling?

  34. This looks delicious! Should I use unsalted butter for the topping?

  35. I made this for Thanksgiving (2014) and it was a huge hit! It was easy to make and so delicious. :-) I used white wheat flour and a pat-in-the-pan pie crust. So good!

  36. Oh my goodness is this an awesome recipe!!! Soooooo easy!!! Sooooo delicious!!! I don't bake, I cant bake, but I made this pie. I actually just finished baking my 4th pie! I cheated and bought my crust. I used a mix of apples the first time. Fuji, granny smith and honey crisp. This time, hubby picked out the apples and bought only honey crisp and Fuji. Pies are gorgeous! Thanks again for ANOTHER keeper!

  37. Made this pie on Sunday. It is now Tuesday and making another pie tonight after work. What a delicious find. The crust is quick and mighty easy. The only hard part is peeling and snitzing the apples. To all non pie makers, you cannot fail with this receipe.

  38. I love apple pie and crumble topping! Your pie looks amazing! Will try out soooon!!!!

  39. My all time favorite. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing.



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