Monday, January 14, 2013

Crock Pot Pepper Steak

I think this is another one of those dishes that people love or don't love.  You either like peppers or you don't, right?  There never seems to be a middle ground for this veggie.  I happen to love red and green peppers.  My husband, not so much.But this is a dish I grew up with and so I love it.And anytime I can serve something over rice, I am all over it.I'm just gonna have to work on getting these boys to love peppers as much as I do.The bonus of making this in the crock pot is because you are cooking this meat low and slow, it comes out much more tender than just doing it on the stovetop.
2 lbs round steak or sirloin tip steak, cut into 2-inch strips (see notes below)
1 tsp. garlic powder
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
1 beef bouillon cube
1/4 cup hot water
1 tbsp. cornstarch
1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes
1 large green pepper, cut into strips
1 large red pepper, cut into strips
1 small yellow onion, sliced
1 can stewed tomatoes, with liquid
3 tbsp. teriyaki or soy sauce
1 teaspoon white sugar

(water and sugar not pictured) 
The great thing about bouillon cubes? If you don't have beef or chicken broth handy, you can easily make it using these cubes or you can use the bouillon powder.  One teaspoon of the powder equals one bouillon cube.

Heat up vegetable oil in a large skillet over high heat.You want to get that oil heated up good. Sprinkle strips of beef with garlic powder.
Brown beef strips on both sides.
They should be sizzling when you put them in there.
It should only take about a minute per side.
Do not cook through, just brown the outside.

You'll need to do this a couple of batches of beef at a time. Don't try to cram them all in the pan at one time. They won't brown if you do that.  Once they are all browned, transfer beef to crock pot.

In a small bowl, crush and mix bouillon cube with hot water until dissolved.

 Then stir in cornstarch until dissolved.

Pour into the crock pot with meat.

Add stewed tomatoes, 

Red pepper flakes, 

Teriyaki (or soy) sauce and sugar.

Then cover and cook on on low for 6 to 8 hours.

During the last hour of cooking, add in your sliced peppers and onions.
 Cover and cook for additional hour.

Serve over rice.

Cook's Notes: Remember when cutting steak to always cut against the grain for the most tender cut of meat. Also, you could use london broil or flank steak for this.If you want the sauce in this to be thicker, just add another cornstarch slurry to it.  Mix a tbsp. of water with a tbsp. of cornstarch.Add to the crock pot, stir, then turn on high and cook until thickened.



Melissa said...

I love recipes like this!

It sounds so good, and easy to make too. =)
Im pinning to save, thanks!

Joan said...

This is one of my favorite foods. Unfortunately, the green peppers do me in. So, instead of red and green peppers, I use red and orange or yellow peppers. They don't cause the stomach distress that the green ones do. The taste is a bit milder, too.

T said...

Love steak and peppers and this recipe sounds so easy and yummy! Can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! You should try it using Oyster sauce about 4oz, and omit the canned tomatoes and the teriyaki.10 to 15 minutes before serving cut up one fresh tomatoe and some broccoli florets, let it cook on top. You can also make it with chicken.

Anonymous said...

Wanna try this, looks yummy, but how many does it serve?

Carolina HeartStrings said...

That looks delicious. Thanks for making it and sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Where is your print recipe place?

The Country Cook said...

If you click on the blue words above that say "Printable Recipe Here", it will take you to a copy of the recipe that you can print :)

Riham Nasser said...

i made this recipe and i have to say that it was great , everyone loved it ,, THANK YOU

Riham Nasser said...

tried this recipe ,, awesome , everyone loved it . THANK YOU

Brandie @ The Country Cook said...

Thank you for letting me know how it turned out Riham! So happy to hear it was a hit!

Rochelle Boyd said...

If using beef broth how much would u use instead of the bouillon cube.. thank u the crock pot recipes i am a first timer trying these ... the pot roast i made in my crock pot was awesome... my family loved it..

Brandie @ The Country Cook said...

Hi Rochelle! Just substitute the 1/4 cup hot water and beef bouillon for 1/4 cup beef broth. Hope that helps!

Crystal said...

MMMM good made this for dinner last night had a few chuck steaks could not figure out what to do with them so viloa'. My family loved it my 3 yr old wanted 2nds and 3rds of just "chicken" thats what she calls all meat. I made rice and noodles though cause some wanted noodles and I wanted rice. Will for sure make this again. Thank you for sharing. Oh and had to say was a perfect amount for a family of 7 with left overs.

Julianne Carlile said...

I'm trying this tomorrow, Brandi! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! One of the best recipes I've found thus far on pinterest.

Anonymous said...

Love this recipe! I add the peppers and onions at the same time as the meat. It gives the meat and juices a wonderful flavor!!

Donna V said...


Kathy said...

At the end of the cooking process, when it's done, I add a can of chop suey vegetables to it also. And let it heat for 5 minutes. My husband likes this over boiled potatoes. I love the rice. Yummy. I also add worcestershire sauce. (Funny, spell check says Worcestershire is spelled wrong but that's how it is on the bottle)!

Anonymous said...

how would I make using chicken

Anonymous said...

This was very good and easy to make, but found it a little bland. Besides adding extra red pepper flakes, any ideas to spice it up some? Guess we are used to more spice here in the south :)

Anonymous said...

This looks great! Going to try it this week but dont like stewed tomatoes what can I replace instead?

William Ford said...

I'm thinking a few jalapeno and cayenne peppers chopped up and added to this would really bring up the zing.

Gabby said...

Is there any way to make this on the stovetop? I don't have a crockpot :(

plasterer bristol said...

Very nice, this look so delicious, thanks for sharing this recipe.


Marie said...

Love your page! Marie

Anonymous said...

Great easy meal. I used yellow and red peppers instead of green. Added 2 stalks of celery chopped and about a pound of fresh mushrooms. Also about a cup of chicken broth when I added the veggies. No soy sauce. Used london broil cut into thin slices. The meat broke apart more than I would have liked, it was still a great meal. Served over egg noodles.

Jackie Chubb said...

I am very disappointed that I can't print the recipe. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and have always been able to print from this website before. It sounds wonderful so will try to copy it with pen and paper. :-(

Corrine White said...

I really liked this recipe! I followed it through and it was really good! I did add a little extra pepper at the end! Very good!

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