Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cherries in the Snow

When I started brainstorming this recipe, I was thinking of all the Pudding Poke Cake recipes I have on here.  I am always thinking of poke cakes.  There are just so many combinations of cake mix and pudding flavors you can use. So, I really wanted to make a white cake with white chocolate pudding.  And I knew I wanted to add some sort of pie filling on top, so I went with cherries.  I just thought they would look purdy on top.  Bear in mind, you can really have fun with this recipe and change up the pie fillings that  are used on top.  Strawberry and Blueberry pie filling would be great with this.

But when thinking of a "Poke Cake" name for this, I just just kept coming back to Cherries in the Snow.  Because that's what it looked like.  It's a cutesy name, I know.  But come on, we all need a little cute in our lives every now and then.  Now, I will tell ya, this is also awesome with french vanilla cake and french vanilla pudding.  As well as chocolate cake with chocolate pudding.  Although, that would be more like Cherries in the Mud. 

So here we go, another pudding poke cake for all my fellow poke cake lovers.
1 box white cake mix
(ingredients needed to make cake; egg whites, oil & water)
1 (3.3 oz.) box instant white chocolate pudding
2 cups cold milk (2 % or higher recommended)
1 (8 oz.) tub whipped topping, thawed
1 (21 oz.) can cherry pie filling

Prepare and bake cake according to package directions for a 9x13 baking dish.
 When cake is finished baking, while still warm, poke holes in cake using the end of a wooden spoon or something of a similar size.  I'm using my knife blade sharpener. 
Make them about an inch or so apart.
 In a bowl, combine 2 cups of milk with dry instant pudding mix.
 Stir and let sit for just about 2 minutes.
You want it just to begin to thicken (but still pourable).
 Pour pudding into the holes of the warm cake.
 Spread pudding around and gently press pudding into holes of the cake.
Now pop the whole cake into the fridge for a couple of hours to finish cooling completely.
 Once cake is completely cooled, start spreading on whipped topping.
 Spread out as evenly as possible.
Then dollop on cherry pie filling. The pie filling won't cover every square inch of the cake. 
You want that white to peep through.
 It was hard for me not to pick the cherries off of here and eat them while I was taking pictures.
Slice and serve.
This cake must be kept refrigerated.

Cook's Notes: Cheesecake flavored pudding is really good with this as well.



Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

Just love this idea of a poke cake! it looks and sounds delicious!!
Mary x

Leslie said...

This sounds delicious and looks pretty! Also, I really like the cutsy name...but I'm into that stuff;)
I need to make a poke cake sometime, because I've never had one!

The Better Baker said...

Looks doubt it tastes as awesome as it looks.....I would have to use the cheesecake puddin'. Mmmmm...yummy !

DarTo said...

This is so in time for Valentines. It looks so pretty & I can hear the positive comments already. Thanks so much for sharing.

Gina said...

I love poke cakes! My favorite is just a white cake with raspberry jello!

I bet this would also be good with cheesecake flavored pudding.

My granny used to make a yellow cake and pour on hot chocolate pudding! YUM!

This looks delicious! Thanks for posting!

Kalamity Kelli said...

So beautiful and sounds delicious! I used to wear Cherries in the Snow Revlon lipstick when I was in my 20's! Excellent job and I can't wait to make it.

KimH said...

My Mom used to make a Cherry's in the Snow dessert back in the 70s & 80s called Cherries in the snow..It was awesome & this reminded me I should get her recipe. It used a graham cracker bottom, cheese cake, whipped cream, & of course the cherry pie filling.
Yours looks lovely as well. We'll have to try it sometime! Thanks

Debbie said...

I LOVE poke cakes! Thanks for posting this...pinned it and plan to make it!

Diane said...

I just MUST make mother wore Revlon's Cherries in the Snow lipstick and nail polish! This looks wonderful!

Donnaquilt said...

How pretty your cake is!! I also had no idea there was a cheesecake flavor pudding. I wish I had the whipped topping so I could make this cake right now. Thanks for sharing! Yum!

Janna said...

This looks so good! I'going to pick up the ingredients for it on my way home from work in the morning. Thanks!!

Terry said...

I'm proud of anyone that can take a picture of the inside of their go girl!

The Country Cook said...

I hope y'all love this one! It really is good with the cheesecake pudding. That is so funny about the lipstick color - I love that! Terry -LOL! So funny you mention that because my husband had actually cleaned it out the day before. So lucky for me, it was camera ready!

Kari Lindsay said...

I want to poke this cake with my fork (that sounds kinda weird), it looks so delicious and it's pretty too.

madge | the vegetarian casserole queen said...

Nice fridge! And the cake sounds so delicious! Might have to try it this weekend for company...Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Making this today... Loving it so far! :)

Lisa (Blogghetti) said...

I love the name! Can't wait to try this!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to make this one too! I've made two of your 'Famous Poke Cakes' for my family so far, and we absolutely love them. Question: The two previous poke cakes called for two boxes of pudding, and this one only calls for one. I was just curious as to why. I am fairly new to Pinterest, and I must say that your recipes are my favorites...and I don't just mean desserts!! I just love the layout, the easy to follow instructions, and especially the step-by-step photos. Thank you so much for all of your hard work...I know I'm not the only one who appreciates it!

Anonymous said...

PS: I tried to post that comment & question with my name. Clearly, I don't know how, sorry...Told ya I was new to Pinterest! lol
-Tracy Roberts-Bailey

The Country Cook said...

Tracy - hahaa. No problem! You are so sweet to take the time to comment! This only calls for one box because we are adding so much more on top of it. With the other pudding poke cakes, it's all about the pudding and cake. Where in this one, the pudding is just an accent flavor along with the cherries and Cool Whip. I hope that makes sense! And I hope you love it if you try it! ~Brandie

Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense Brandie! And yes, I will be making this. My husbands favorite dessert has always been banana pudding, so for his birthday this past Tuesday, I made the banana pudding poke cake and sent half of it to work with him. He called me at lunch and I could hear his co workers from the construction site in the background. They were raving and so was he. Do you know my hand is hurting from writing that recipe down so many times? Every man there that sampled it wanted the recipe! Thank you so much for your recipes and insight, and thank you for replying. -Tracy

Judi Judge said...

years ago in the sixties some of us neighbors made a similar cake. you bake a white or yellow cake as box directs and when it cools you dump a can of cherry pie filling all over the top and put whip cream all over that. its really good in hot weather .needs to be refrigerated .and so easy.i imagine you could use any pie filling but the cherry was the best.

Deb said...

My mom also wore the Cherries in the Snow lipstick! Too funny....and she also used to make a recipe with the same name, but it had vanilla wafer crust, a cream cheese and cool whip filling, and cherry pie filling on the top! This one looks great, too. Thanks!

casady65 said...

This looked sooo good, I made it for MY birthday!((today))Celebrate!!! I used vanilla pudding and added Almond extract. Delicious. Thank You, Michelle

Anonymous said...

I love these, I never thought of using pudding. I have always used a white cake mix with different flavors of Jello. Then just top with Whipped Topping. But now....I can't wait to go get some pudding. I need a cake right Thanks again.

Linda Lalley said...

This poke cake is CRAZY good to say the least!! I made it for a Christmas Eve dessert. The name, "Cherries In The Snow" was so darn cute I couldn't resist! Everyone thought I was the BEST dessert maker ever!! Thanks for sharing!! Definitely a keeper!!

Patti said...

This is the only cake my son requests for his birthday. I think I've made this 3 times now and it's always a hit. I use 1 1/2 cans of cherries because 1 can just doesn't have enough fruit. We love this cake!

Hannah said...

I wear the Revlon lipstick with the same name and I'm 26, (they still make it!) I'm going to have to try this cake, though some ingredients may be hard to get hold of here in the UK, it's looks scrummy and too good to pass up!

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