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  1. My husband and I love eggs, scrambled, fried, omelets, etc. There is nothing like a good egg. Thanks for having such a wonderful give-away. I will put the coupons and gift card to good use.

  2. We love our eggs as omelets. We love my Pizza Omelets. It has olives, cheese, pepperoni and tomato sauce. It is so good!

  3. Every morning I start my day with a scrambled egg. I also love deviled eggs and depending on the holiday you can dye the whites to match (red for Valentines and Christmas, green for St. Patrick, blue, yellow and pink for Easter and etc. You get the idea.)

  4. I love eggs anyway you fix them. Boiled and used in salads. Fried as long as the whites are done. Scrambled and with cheese and veggies stirred in. Poached on toast.Fixed as an omelet. Never met an egg I didn't like!

  5. That was so thoughtful of you to take dinner to your friend, and I love spaghetti pie!I am glad the dog has a new family to love him!
    My husband and I love our eggs poached, or over easy.

  6. I love scrambled eggs, but i also enjoy them fried, boiled, and in egg salad. thank you for giveaway !

  7. There are so many great ways to enjoy eggs; fried, scrambled, quiche, omelette or egg in a nest from when my Grandma used to cook for me when I was a little girl. Egglands truly are the best eggs.
    (I love the Schnoodle story!)

  8. I love fried over-easy eggs topped with crispy fried bacon pieces. Add toast and a glass of orange juice and coffee sets my day off great.

  9. I love eggs, but I have to take this time to tell you what a wonderful person I think you are. You must have the biggest heart.

  10. id really like to know where u got this recipe for the spaghetti pie i ve made it that way for over 30 yrs no one has heard of it i make it for the deaf club it goes out of style everyone loves it ive seen alot of spaghetti pies in lots of cook books butnot the way i make it strange u got it mmmmmm im wondering

  11. My husband accidentally came home with Eggland's Best. Great eggs! We baked eggs with pepperoni and cheese, and our usual scrambled. Enjoyed them both!

  12. how i make my eggs ok i peel and dice fresh or canned tomatoes wihtout the liquid in the can cook it on stove dice onions if needed put in little of the tomato liquid cook until tomateos smashed then u whisk up as many eggs as u want but i feel four is enuff for a can of tomatoes add salt and pepper add the whisked eggs to the tomatoes with no liquid in it pour the egg mixture and scramble how to eat this its a spread for on toast very delish when u cook it u make sure that the eggs dont turn out like scrambled eggs try to mix it into the tomatoes and onions peppers if u wish dice it all up and u got urself a nice spread or a dip whichever u wish to call it something new isnt it

  13. I like eggs any way I can get them! I usually eat a scrambled egg with some salsa on the side for breakfast some days!

  14. I enjoy eggs in many ways. I love them making a salad, eating plain hard boiled, scrambled with cheddar but my favorite is good ole egg and olive sandwiches…yummy to my tummy <3

  15. II love eggs also, deviled scrambled in salads etc…
    My favorite would be over easy on wheat toast with lot's of butter!
    Who doesn't love an egg sandwich !

  16. I love eggs pretty much any way, but my favorite is probably hard boiled.

    Jennifer Marie
    lilnursejen at yahoo dot com

  17. I Like eggs many ways. I especially like breakfast burritos – stir salsa into scrambled eggs before frying. As eggs cook stir in shredded cheese. Place in warm tortillas. Yummy!

  18. I love eggs just about any way you can think of. Sunny-side up, scrambled, poached, Benedict, soft boiled, hard boiled and deviled. I also love egg salad sandwiches!

  19. For years, I thought I didn't like eggs. Crazy, I know! Now I eat a lot of eggs and deviled eggs are my favorite.

  20. DH and I eat eggs every day, whether part of our breakfast, added to salads or part of a recipe. We love them every way they are used and this cook would be crippled if suddenly none were available.

  21. Scrambled, fried, boiled, omelets….eggs are a staple in our house! This spaghetti pie recipe sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  22. We like eggs for dinner. I prefer mine "sunny side" while hubby likes his scrambled. If we have fresh veggies, we'll make an omelet. And then there's quiche and. . .well, you get the idea. We love eggs for a quick meal!

  23. My very favorite is fried over easy with some sourdough toast to dunk in the yolk. Add some bacon, hash browns (with onions), orange juice and coffee. It doesn't get too much better than that!

    Donna Holmen

  24. I LOVE soft boiled eggs,fried eggs in a sandwich, scrambled eggs, egg burrito,heuvos ranchero,hard boiled eggs, eggs over easy, umm what else is there ?? LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win…

  25. I like my eggs out of the shell………scrambled or also like deviled eggs or fried egg on whole wheat toast or even made into a ham and cheese omelet.

  26. I like my eggs almost every way ~ scrambled, fried, deviled, in omelets, boiled, in egg salad, ham salad, tuna salad…..I think you get the picture ~ I REALLY LIKE EGGS!

  27. lately I've been fixing breakfast tacos, wrapping them in paper towels, and freezing them for my boys to heat in the microwave on school mornings. I love using thawed out tater tots as hash browns, along with the eggs, and either sausage or bacon. It's getting to where I'm having to replenish the taco container at least once every four days or so!

  28. I have eggs scrambled with spinach for breakfast most mornings. One of my favorite things to do with eggs is make my own mayo.

  29. I love eggs! My favorite is scrambled eggs with cheese. I also love eating deviled eggs with paprika on top!

  30. I Love eggs….I really do!! It's hard to just pick one way that is my favorite because depending on my mood. Today my favorite is made into an omelet filled with all kinds of good veggies.

  31. It depends on my mood, but I like them most any way. For my toddler, it is eggs in a pan (scrambled eggs) with cheese.

  32. I love eggs prepared in a variety of ways. Always love a fried egg sandwich with cheese or rolled in a flour tortilla. I also make a pesto egg salad with chopped hard boiled eggs with mayo and pesto mixed for the dressing. Especially good served with whole grain crackers! Another way is to make avocado toast which is half an avocado mashed with a squeeze of lime, and Mrs Dash lime seasoning mixed and spread on a piece of toast and topped with a over easy fried egg!! Yum-the best!!

  33. I love my egg half boiled, set on an egg cup, sprinkle some freshly ground black pepper and fleur del sel and drink up!

  34. Omelets of any shape and kind are my favorite. Limitless possibilities!! I am a big fan of your blog. Every dish looks delicious and always something my family will enjoy! Keep 'em coming.

  35. I love hard-boiled eggs and I try to eat one each day. I also love cheesy scrambled eggs, the way my son makes them!

  36. I am an eggs over-easy kinda girl…not too done, but not too runny…great for dipping toast and mixing with my tators.

  37. I like eggs fried over easy with hashbrowns and bacon… Then pour a little bit of salsa ranchera on the top of them with fresh, homemade flour tortillas and a cup of piping hot coffee…

  38. I love eggs in breakfast burritos. I like eggs for breakfast, but I'm not a fan of deviled eggs or egg salad sandwiches (which my husband loves!).


  40. I actually cannot eat eggs currently because they make my breastfeed daughter sick… which is a bummer because I love a great omelette! My boys love eggs in a basket 🙂

  41. We love scrambled eggs and egg salad. We also, of course!, love eggs in cookies 🙂 I actually needed a meal idea to take to a new neighbor that just moved in the neighborhood and I think this would be perfect. Thanks!

  42. Huevos rancheros are the best way to eat my eggs… yumm�� and egglands best are the way to go ,����

  43. Not commenting on the eggs, but I made the recipe and everyone enjoyed it. I understand it's suppose to be a layered type dish, but I have to say I think next time I will stir it up prior to cooking,or stir the sauce with the noodles just so you get a taste of the sauce in every bit. I found if you just had a noodle bite it was a bit bland. But overall a great recipe. I found your link on pinterest. I chose your recipe since it used ricotta, I am a little scared to use cottage cheese, cream cheese and sour cream as the other recipes like this one suggested. So thanks for a great recipe will definitely make again. I also cut the recipe in half to just make 1 pan, and we still have 1/2 of it left. Thanks again!

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