Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicken Philly Sandwich

Whew! What a great, long weekend we had! 
We got a chance to drive down and visit my parents, we got the house cleaned 
(yay for clean laundry!), took our son to a hands-on museum, went to a Virginia Tech 
baseball game (yes, college baseball has started!), and just hung out and relaxed.  
I even got a chance to read an entire trashy romance novel. 
And except for checking our e-mail, we stayed off the computer, stayed off the phones and 
maybe only watched a couple of hours of television.  I gotta tell ya - it does wonders for my mind and body when I step back and remember all  the other stuff I'm missing when I'm not on the internet or watching television, running a million errands or working. 

I sometimes forget how much fun it is to color with my son or just sit outside and watch him 
play with his sand box while my husband washes the car (yes, I just sit there and watch him
 - hey, he does a great job - he doesn't need me in the way). 
Or just lay on my bed and read a good book. 

You know, the good stuff.
This is another one of my husband's favorite suppers. 
I make these pretty often because they are easy and we can jazz them up anyway we like them.  My husband is kind of a picky eater so his sandwich is pretty basic: chicken, cheese and mayo.  I, on the other hand, like mine with everything: onions, peppers, lettuce and whatever else I can squeeze in. I'm going to give you the basic recipe here but  I definitely suggest you add anything you like to make them suitable for your family's taste.
4 tbsp. butter, divided
2 tbsp. canola oil
1 pound raw chicken tenders, diced into chunks
2½ tsp. lemon pepper seasoning
1 1/2 tsp. cajun seasoning 
½ tbsp kosher salt
1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
½ Onion, Diced
2  slices Of Provolone Cheese
2  Sub Rolls 
4 tbsp. Mayonnaise

Heat 2 Tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons oil in a pan (medium high heat). 
While waiting for the butter to melt, season chicken with lemon pepper, cajun seasoning, salt & pepper. 
Make sure all diced chicken pieces get seasoning on them.
Once the butter has melted in pan, add chicken and onions.
 As the chicken cooks, be sure to move it around and maybe break it up a bit if you diced your chicken pieces large.
Cook for about 8 minutes on medium heat. 

I like to take a piece out and test for seasoning right before putting the cheese on. 
You may want to add little more salt or pepper at this point.

Lower heat and place slices of cheese on chicken to melt.
 You may need to put a cover on your pan to help the cheese along with melting.
Slather rolls with remaining butter and toast slightly under the broiler – make sure to keep a
 close eye on it as broilers can burn a piece of bread quickly! 
I sometimes just toast mine on the stovetop using a cast iron skillet.
Once rolls are toasted, put lots of mayo on both sides of roll. Don’t skimp on the mayo – it really adds to the flavor of this dish. 
Scoop up chicken,onion and cheese mixture onto bun.
Serve with fries or chips and enjoy.
Suggested toppings: Lettuce and tomato
Other cheese choices: monterey jack or mozzarella 
Other ingredients: Bacon,mushrooms, green, red and yellow peppers are all excellent additions to this sandwich
Cook's Note: This makes two (fairly big) subs.  Use smaller rolls, like bolillo rolls and you'll probably get about 3-4 sandwiches out of this recipe. 



  1. These look great, I should really look into making something like this at home since my DH and FIL love their steak sandwiches. A little chicken wouldn't kill them ;-)

  2. This sounds and it looks fantastic Brandy! I think my kids will love this, and looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful chicken sandwich.

  4. We frequent a Philly Cheesesteak joint close to our home. I have tried making them at home but never get the results my guy is looking for. I order a chicken philly sandwich so this would probably be right up my alley. Sounds so delicious! My stomach is growling over this one! Yummy!

  5. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend : ) And I'm ALL ABOUT Trashy Romance Novels!! Oh ya! This sandwich looks great girl! MMmmmmm

  6. How nice to take an unplugged weekend :) Its always great to relax with a good book. Your sandwiches look delicious :)

  7. My hubby would love these, too, but with ketchup instead of mayo. I, on the other hand, would slather mine with mayo and all your suggested toppings...woe, that sounds fabulous!

  8. Your weekend sounds wonderfully relaxing even though you had a lot going on! I think your sandwich looks great. So many ways you can tailor that to individual tastes! We do similar things at our house but instead of using a bun or roll, we use tortillas. We can't get away from mexican inspired food around here for very long. I hope you have a great week! Candace

  9. Ooh! I have some chicken I need to use up too. :)

  10. Sounds like such a nice weekend. It's amazing how obsessed we are with technology! I'd love to impose that in our house.

    This sandwich looks great! I love trying out new sandwich combinations!

  11. Read this before I went to bed, will be sleepwalking & heading for the fridge :-) Great dish

  12. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I think I need one of those along with one of these sandwiches.

  13. It sounds like you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend too! I also finished reading a smutty paranormal romance by Maryjanice Davidson. Who do you like to read?

    The sandwich looks yummy!

  14. It sounds like you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend too! I also finished reading a smutty paranormal romance by Maryjanice Davidson. Who do you like to read?

    The sandwich looks yummy!

  15. I'm totally doing this for sure! I don't like Philly steak sandwiches, but when I saw chicken.....hello!

    I'm so glad your time was peaceful and productive in your heart. That's what matters, right? And I wish I had a funny joke, but I'm fresh out:)

  16. I'm with you -- Put everything on it! (My husband's the same.) The sandwick looks great -- glad you had a nice unplugged weekend. I was too busy to clean the house, just got the laundry done!

  17. LOVE chicken phillies! It's so hard to find one with chicken around here so I love to make them myself. YUM!

  18. Sounds like a perfect weekend - and a great chicken recipe! Thanks!

  19. This is a great sandwich, and like you said, you can tailor this recipe to your likes. I would put honey Dijon mustard,lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers-no mayo for me! I don't like it.

  20. Love the sandwich, great idea instead of regular beef Philly....thanks:)

  21. Sounds fantastic. Glad your weekend was so great. Sometimes during the middle of the day I like to turn off tv and computer, crawl on to bed with an old quilt and read for about 1/2 an hour. I am working at reading at least 2 books a month this year. thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. grace

  22. So jealous of your nice weekend! Mine was stressful and pretty awful! But those look so good... We love philly cheesesteaks, and I think this might be a great new treat! Thanks!

  23. That looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to try that soon!!

  24. I love those kinds of days when you can just hang out and do you own thing. Especially when it includes a good book and good food! hehe

  25. This looks so yummy! Here’s another party if you would like to link up…

  26. What a tasty beautiful satisfying sandwich! Hope you have another wonderful weekend, have fun :)

  27. I found your site by one of my favorite cookbooks, I'm glad I did since you look like you enjoy good food like I do. Hope I get lucky and win you Gooseberry Patch cookbook.


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