Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Piña Colada Poke Cake

After our recent trip to Florida, I am desperate for warmer weather more than ever.
However, check back with me by the end of July and I'm sure I'll be complaining about how hot it is and I can't stop sweating.  Hee Hee.  I'm fickle like that.  I'm pretty sure if I could find a place to live where the weather was always 72 degrees and low humidity, that would be like paradise. But knowing me, I probably wouldn't appreciate it after a while because it would always be the same every day. I love blue skies, but nature needs rain.  And sometimes we need a little rain and grey skies to help us appreciate those blue skies.   That is true for more than just the weather, no?
Well, we can pretend like we are having warmer days by making food and drinks that scream warm air and sunshine.  Like this Piña Colada Poke Cake. It has all the flavors of that yummy mixed drink (minus the alcohol).  Now, if you'd like, you could certainly add a bit of rum extract to it but I'm feeding a little guy and I'm thinking he doesn't need to know what rum tastes like at his age. 

This cake is a fun little spin on the Coconut Cream Poke Cake I shared a while back.  This cake is so moist because of the glaze that is added to it.  Yet, it manages to not taste heavy at all.  It tastes so tropical and absolutely scrumptious.  I hope you'll give it a try!
1 box butter recipe cake mix
ingredients needed to make cake (softened butter, eggs, water)
1 (15 oz.) can Cream of Coconut (not coconut milk)
1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk
1 (15.25 oz.) can crushed pineapple in juice
1 (8 oz.) tub frozen whipped topping, thawed
sweetened coconut flakes, for topping
Prepare butter cake according to package directions.
While cake is baking, drain crushed pineapple into a bowl.
We need that juice for the cake.
In a separate bowl, whisk together cream of coconut, sweetened condensed milk and pineapple juice.
When you open the can of cream of coconut, you will probably see that some of the coconut oil and cream have separated so it's really important that you whisk this mixture so you get it combined and get most of the lumps out.  Once combined, mixture will be thin.
Note: The sweetened condensed milk is totally optional in this.
I often make my Coconut Cream Poke Cake without the sweetened condensed milk and just use the Cream of Coconut since it is pretty sweet already.  I'll leave that up to you.
Once cake is done, take it out of the oven.
    While cake is still warm, begin poking holes in the top.
I have found that this little carving fork that came with my knife set works great for poking holes quickly.  Do knife sets even come with these anymore?  If you don't have one, just use a fork or similar size utensil.
 Then pour cream of coconut mixture evenly over cake.
It will look pretty saturated. But don't worry the cake is going to soak it all up.
 After about 30 minutes it will look like this.
Once cake is completely cooled top it with crushed pineapple.
Then spread Cool Whip on top.
Then sprinkle shredded coconut on top of the Cool Whip.
(You can toast your shredded coconut if you like)
This cake needs to be kept refrigerated.
Make sure you cover it with some plastic wrap or a lid.
And serve. So good!!

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Marce Hansen said...

Going to make it...looks scrumptious. I let you know the results.

Anonymous said...

Wow! This looks so good! I am printing off the recipe as I type. Can't wait to make it!

Kathy said...

I'm going to have to try this.I made the coconut cream poke cake for a party, and it was all the rave!

Kari Shifflett said...

Whoa baby, that looks really good. Def gonna give it a try. Thanks Brandie!

Lynn Huntley said...

Hi~ This cake looks fantastic! I'm going to make this cake and then eat a piece, while watching more snow fall, here in Northern WI ;) You can never go wrong with a poke cake:) Lynn

Anonymous said...

This cake looks so good and I want to make it. I would like to add the rum extract but don't know how much to add and when to add it.

The Country Cook said...

Hope you love this one! Elizabeth, I would say maybe a tsp. or two. Add it to the cream of coconut mixture. Put in a tsp. and then taste it & see how you like it. If it needs a bit more, just add in a tsp. at a time until it gets to the flavor you like. :) ~Brandie

Marsha Baker said...

Brandie! Brandie! Brandie! This sounds like such an awesome and yummy dessert. Love all these flavor combos. MMMMMM-MORE please! =) I would LOVE this and am pinning to make one of these days.

Brenda said...

I can tell anyone that is wanting to try this recipe that you will not regret making this cake. It is one of those experiences that will feel like you are in heaven, its that good.

carolinaheartstrings said...

This looks so wonderful. Your recipes are always so easy and delicious. Thanks for sharing this one.

Bintu @ said...

I am a total coconut addict. Yummy.

LC said...

I love coconut and this looks absolutely divine! Will have to try it!

Gina said...

I love the coconut cream/ poke cake so this looks fantastic!!!

cheryl said...

I want to make this cake now but the only thing I don't have is cool whip. Do you think cream cheese frosting would be ok?

Anonymous said...

Dear Brandi & fellow poke cake lovers:

Don't worry about using rum extract in baking cakes. The alcohol in any extract will evaporate if cooked 20 minutes or longer, leaving only the flavor. I was told this by a dietician.

The Country Cook said...

Hi Anonymous, I have heard of that. I just don't really want my 7 year old to know what the taste of Rum is like yet - even if it is only extract. But for grown ups, I really love to add it. Makes it taste more like the real thing! :)~Brandie

Anonymous said...

In the original Coconut Cream Poke Cake you eliminated the can of sweetened condensed milk because you thought it was sweet enough without it, so I am wondering if this recipe needs it? The pineapple would make it plenty sweet I would think, and it really is the same recipe, but this one calls for the sc milk. So I'm not sure what to do. Please advise what you think before I try them. Thanks!!! SHELLY

Brandie @ The Country Cook said...

Hi Shelly, I like it in this one because it really saturates the cake. It almost makes it like a Tres Leches cake. You could certainly leave it out but for this one I like what it does to the texture of the cake to really make it taste like A Pina Colada drink (but in cake form).

Sarah said...

I have made this cake multiple times now. I love it. I leave the sweetened condensed milk out, because too me, the cake is sweet enough without it.

Pia Eaves said...

Help !!!!!!!I can't find *butter cake*

Brandie S. said...

Pia, just use something similar. Yellow cake will work just fine!

Anonymous said...

Made this for potluck at work last week - easy to make and everyone loved it!! I was worried it would be heavy, but as you said, it wasn't!! Everyone's asking for it again.


Jacqi said...

Just found this recipe! Making it for a father's day dessert :)


Technical Translation Services said...

This recipe is well written. Pictures are helpful. When I tried first it was too soft, yet later I managed to make a good one.

Karen Barkowska said...

Just wondering where to find the coconut cream. I can only seem to find coconut milk. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful !! Sharon

Anonymous said...

What about that if I use Coco Milk & Condensed milk instead cream of coco OR Cream of coco & 1/2 can of condensed milk & evaporated milk to cut the sweet a little. What U think..?

Anonymous said...

if you don't find the coconut cream in the baking section in your grocery store try the section with alcohol beverage mixes.

Anonymous said...

I have been making coconut pineaple cake for years, but I put the pineapple juice and crushed pineapple directly into the cake. I drain the pineapple before making the cake and use the juice as part of the required liquid. Then mix according to directions. Before pouring into cake pans I gently stir in the crushed pineapple. If making a double layer cake I use more pineapple between layers and mix a buttercream frosting using pineapple juice instead of milk or water. I haven't tried the coconut cream yet, but will this weekend when I make my mother's birthday cake as this is her favorite.

Anonymous said...

can i use a white cake mix?

SCchemist said...

I found it in the section where the Hispanic products are found (Goya,etc.).

seagirl said...

I think this is better with a white cake mix. That's what I use. I also use the frozen coconut, sweetened w/a small amount of sugar......has a deeper coconut taste.