Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wait. Wait. Wait. Before you stop reading - hear me out.  
I know y'all probably have a gazillion (yes, I said a gazillion) recipes for chocolate chip cookies.  
I know you do. 
I know I do too.  
Who doesn't love a warm, soft chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven with a glass of super cold milk? 
Okay wait. I need to confess something at this point. 
I don't really drink milk.  
Say what?  
It's a dirty little secret of mine. 
The only time I drink milk is when it is leftover from the cereal I just ate.  
I also don't eat seafood (and I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay, how sad is that?).  
It's true and I get teased mercilessly over it - but there you go.  It is what it is.
Anyway, back to the cookies. 
Next time you are in a chocolate chip cookie mood, I implore you to give this recipe a try.
The best part about these is you don't have to wait for butter to soften. 
You start with cold butter.
2 sticks cold and cubed unsalted butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup light brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 3/4 cup all purpose flour
1 teaspoon table salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
2 1/2 cups chocolate chips or chunks
Straight out of the oven.  These cookies rise up so nicely!
Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

 In bowl of electric mixer fitted with paddle, cream together butter and sugars until well blended and fluffy. 
Add eggs, one at a time, mix in vanilla and beat until well incorporated.

 Add flour, salt, baking soda, baking powder and mix until just combined. Gently fold in chocolate chips/chunks and nuts.  I ended up using a combination of mini chocolate chips and regular chocolate chips because I had some bags left over from Christmas baking and I needed to use them.  Worked great!

 Transfer dough to clean work surface and gently mix dough by hand to ensure even distribution of ingredients.

Scoop dough (about a tablespoon each) onto cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.  I used one of those spring release cookie scoopers - makes it so much easier.  Also, in between batches I would keep the bowl of dough in the fridge to keep cool.

Bake in the preheated oven about10-12 minutes, depending on how gooey and rawish you like the interior, until very lightly browned, taking care not to overbake. I had my rack in the middle part of my oven and it took about 11 minutes.  
Only bake one sheet pan at a time.

Let cool on rack and store what you don't immediately eat in an airtight container.

Cook's Notes:  The original recipe called for these to be 4 ounces.  I scaled them down to be more kid-friendly.  If you want to make the 4 ounce size (which you should definitely try at least once!), you'll need to bake them for about 15-20 minutes and you'll probably only get about 10 cookies out of this. These are best eaten on the day they are made (especially warm out of the oven like most chocolate chip cookies).  What you don't eat, put into an airtight container. To freshen them after a  few days (if they last that long), give them a quick nuke in the microwave for 3-5 seconds.  Also, for a little variation, try adding 1 cup of chopped walnuts.
Here's what they look like in the 4 oz. size. Really big but so good. I used the regular sized semi-sweet chocolate chips. I put a few chips around the sides and the tops of the cookie dough after I get them on the baking sheet. Then I bake as normal. I just think it makes the cookies look prettier.



Cakewalker said...

Classics are the best and yours look thick and delicious! I particulalry like how you captured the light behind the tall glass of milk... Heavenly!

Mama J said...

So you keep the butter cold instead of room temperature? Interesting.
I'm always looking for new varieties of chocolate chip cookies.

The Mom Chef said...

You're allowed to admit to not drinking milk because I readily admit to not liking chocolate and people are still accepting me. :) However, my family loves the stuff and I'm always seeking out good recipes to make them happy. This looks wonderful. I love the color of the dough surrounding the chocolate. Many thanks for passing along the recipe.

egbkid said...

These do look yummy! You are not alone in the milk thing; i dislike the taste of it and therefore only drink it with cereal as well.

4littlefergusons said...

YUM! Now I am going to have to go bake cookies today. These look fantastic! So much so, that I am willing to lay aside my recipe and give em a whirl. Thanks for sharing!
Oh, by the way, my husband may disown me for saying this, (He grew up on a dairy farm) but I don't drink milk either. Ew. My hubby and kiddos however, will choose to dunk these pretty cookies in big glasses of raw milk from said farm. To each their own, right?! :)

Ang said...

Okay, these look insanely fluffy! Most of us like chocolate chip cookies but I honestly think the right recipe deserves a good post:) I will be trying these for sure! Thanks for visiting my site and the follow:)

thecountrycook said...

Thanks for the support everyone. I feel like a weight has been lifted. No more living in the closet about my non-milk drinking, non seafood-eating self.
Mama J - yes, it is cold butter. I think that really is the key to this recipe.

whatsfordinneracrossstatelines said...

Is there such a thing as too many chocolate chip cookie recipes, I think not! I wish I had one of these right now for breakfast! Hope you have a great week!

Kimberly said...

Guess what... I don't drink milk either! Can't stand the stuff, never could. I only drink it when it's involved in cereal or cookie dunking, speaking of which this looks wonderful! And you can never have too many cookie recipes.

Elisabeth said...

Absolutely love your chocolate chip cookie recipe...and it's printable too! It makes sense to add cold butter, which I have not seen in any chocolate chip cookie recipe. Your cookies turned out so perfect, fluffy, and yummy!

Learn something new, every day...thanks for the great tip, and recipe!

Patti said...

I'm going to try these! My son is the #1 cookie expert and I'm sure these will be a winner!

Tiffany said...

These are gorgeous! And p.s... I don't like milk either!

Lizzy said...

They look wonderful...I'm a baking addict, too...and have tried tons of chocolate chip cookies! These are definitely worth printing off and trying...thanks!

Annie said...

What about chocolate milk or vanilla soy milk? I can't fathom savoring those delicious looking cookies without a glass of something to accompany them!

lil @ sweetsbysillianah said...

mmm... i like how the tops of these cookies are crackly - so ready to be gobbled up! i think i just added a new chocolate chip cookie recipe to my collection. =)

Evan @swEEts said...

My friend is living in China right now and when I asked him if I could send him some cookies he requested chocolate chip.. I think I may have to give this recipe a go!

Sandra said...

I love this recipe, and the photos are awesome..I my secret..I only drink milk with cereals, which is maybe 1/2 cup every few days:D

Georgia (The Comfort of Cooking) said...

Brandie, these look so soft and warm and delicious with a glass of milk! Wonderful recipe. I'm always up for trying a new chocolate chip cookie, and these I have to try!

Becky said...

Brandie, My granddaughter made chocolate chip cookies, too, as my Guest Baker. These look soo good. Like Gina said, you can never have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes;) Thanks for sharing this one.

A little bit of everything said...

the chocolate chip cookie season is officially opened. I posted today a recipe and later in the afternoon I read three other blogs that posted chocolate chip cookies these days.

Yours look so good and the photos are stunning.
thanks for sharing, hope you'll have a wonderful rest of the week

Veronica Gantley said...

Ilove chocolate chip cookies. I grind oatmeal and mix it with the flour. Everyone goes crazy over chocolate chip cookies. You need more than one good recipe. I found mine!

Tawny @ The Year of The Cookie said...

Chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite things ever! I do have a ton of recipes but that's because I always like trying new ones even though I have my 'keepers.' Can't wait to give this one a try!

Tessa said...

I have a gazillion chocolate chip cookie recipes too, but you've got to have one for each type of cookie lover (or mood, whichever you prefer).

P.S. We're in the same boat. I don't drink milk either.

Lisa said...

That's interesting that these cookies use cold butter. Works for me since I sometimes forget to take the butter out. I also like your idea of using mini chocolate chip with the regular sized, so much more chocolate in every bite. Thanks for linking this up to Sweets for a Saturday. I truly appreciate your support and hope that you'll be able to join in again next Saturday. By then I'll have a cute button that you can grab.

Mama J said...

These just came out of the oven. (I was going stir crazy from the snow- so I baked.) :) Yum!

Lee said...

They look so nice and thick,have to make these, not flat, i have air bake cookie sheets, that i love, i just put parchment paper on it no more burnt bottom

The Better Baker said...

Oh YUUUM! These pictures make me want to RUN to the kitchen and mix up a batch...so glad you shared.

Casey said...

Have you by any chance ever made a cookie cake? I was wondering if you thought this would be a good recipe for that... my son turns 2 on Sunday, and I have been wanting to try this recipe-I thought this might be the perfect time!

The Country Cook said...

Hi Casey! That is a really good question! Ya know, I haven't ever actually made a cookie cake before but now I'm thinking I really should! I don't see why this recipe wouldn't work for that. Maybe do a trial one before the big day?
I would definitely suggest using parchment paper to line your round pizza pan (maybe 14 inch pan?) And then spray the parchment paper with more nonstick to make sure you can get that sucker out when it is done baking.
I would say bake it for about 20-25 minutes, where it is still just a bit soft in the middle, then let it cool for a bit in the pan before taking it out so it doesn't fall apart on you.

Casey said...

Well, the good thing is... we have already had his party, and we don't live near family (that's not the good part haha), so it will just be my husband, son and myself:) They are pretty forgiving on presentation as long as it tastes good! I'll let you know how it turns out:)I will be making your cheese danish for his breakfast that morning.... I'm telling ya-this site is SO not good for our weight!! haha

The Country Cook said...

Definitely come back & let me know how it turns out for you!! :)

Casey said...

We loved this as a cookie cake! Since I knew I didn't have to feed a lot of people with it, I did it in my pie plate.... first attempt I filled it too full and cooked too long. I ended up cutting off the edges, cutting up the rest and sending it with my husband to work. Luckily I had plenty of cookie dough left to do a second one. It turned out much better because it wasn't as thick! And we loved the dough:)

The Country Cook said...

I am so glad you came back and told me how it turned out! Yay! Glad you liked it (and glad you didn't toss that first batch..lol)

Beth C said...

I made your cookies to send to school with my daughter. Not nearly as time consuming as my recipe

SerenaB said...

These are delicious sweetie! the first time hubby made them and they ran a little flat but I just made them again because the flavor was fabulous and they turned awesome! Thanks for sharing! I was thinking of sharing with a link back..Would you be ok with that?

Anonymous said...

my cookies turned out flat. they taste great anyway. i may need to try one more batch at a later time to see if i can get a better result. it sure was convenient to just use cold butter. :)

LibertyNow said...

These look si good! I am making them today!! I don't drink milk either!!! I prefer almond milk with cereal! I also will eat absolutely nothing that swims or bottom feeds, yuck yuck and yuck!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Casey said...

Goodmorning! I was coming on your site for this recipe because I'm making it into a cookie cake for my son's third birthday on Tuesday. I was also going to comment on how much we enjoy this recipe and it's the only one I use. Then I thought, I think I have commented on this before-and I have-a year ago today! haha I just thought that was weird. Anyway... I'm making him a cookie monster cookie cake and I have no doubt it will be delicious thanks to you! I love love love your site because you make things with ingredients that I usually have on hand, or I have atleast heard of. I try to tell everyone about your site!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Am so glad I discovered your site. Lots of nice and doable recipes. I do have a couple of options. I like to use whole wheat flour instead of all purpose. Would that require me to make some changes to some of the ingredients? Also, i see that a lot of your cake recipes call for ready made mixes. Is there any way that I can replace those, since i dont get them where I live currently. Thanks.