Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baked Shepherd's Casserole ~ Sunday Dinner Winner

A few months ago, y'all might remember that I shared a recipe for Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken and I also shared a little bit about why Sunday Dinners were so important to us as a family.
Photo courtesy of Taste of Home
Along with that recipe, I mentioned that you could enter your own Sunday Dinner recipes into a contest that was being held by Taste of Home and Physician's Mutual Insurance where your recipe could win $1,000! Well y'all definitely entered some pretty amazing recipes and a winner was recently announced!
Photo courtesy of Taste of Home

Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekend Potluck #137

For those of you who are new here, let me tell you all about what happens here on Friday. We have a big ole potluck party. Many of your favorite food bloggers come here to share all those yummy recipes they've been cooking up all week. Think of it as your one-stop shop for all the latest recipes!
Now, what you want to do here is scroll on down. First you'll see the most popular recipe from last week's potluck. This was the recipe that was most clicked on by you! Then you'll see a couple of ones that really caught our eye last week. There are always a bunch so it's hard to highlight just a couple! Then, you'll see one of my personal favorites from last weekend's potluck. This is one that I am most definitely planning on making soon! Then below all that you'll see some little thumbnail pictures of food. Those are the recipes that are being shared *right now*. Just click on any of those pictures and it will take you directly to the recipe! So grab your sweet tea and let's get down to the grub!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chicken Enchilada Bake

The daily hustle. That is what I call most days of the week. Going to work or school, getting the job done, working your way up the ladder, having babies, taking care of your babies, raising a family, making life happen and basically doing it all. That is the daily hustle, and boy, can it be a grind. But it can also be amazingly awesome too.
A favorite quote that I made my mantra years ago was "Don't let life happen to you. Go out there and make your life happen." And that has stuck with me over the years, during good times and bad. It's what keeps me moving forward and making each day as beautiful as it can be despite that daily hustle. And one of the ways I do that is through meals. It's also one of the main reasons why I started this website. I was creating some really fun recipes that are perfect for busy folks. Good, honest, simple food that you and your whole family will love without a whole lot of hustle. I also have some pretty darn good tricks up my sleeve that I learned over the years that I thought were worth sharing. And one of those is Bisquick. Y'all, you can make a whole lot more than just pancakes with Bisquick. It can be a breading for chicken, it can be the base for a casserole and you can even use it to make desserts. It's one of those staples I always keep in my pantry.
So with this recipe, I did just that. I had some canned ingredients in my pantry to make enchiladas (taco seasoning, green chile sauce) and I thought, what can I make with that and this Bisquick? My mind always goes to casserole type meals because it usually means less dishes and easier to make. I picked up a rotisserie chicken on my way home (another great shortcut!), threw in some cream of chicken that I also had in my pantry (to make it creamy) and boom! I got dinner started and in the oven with a quickness. My family absolutely loved it! It wasn't really spicy since I used the mild green chile enchilada sauce and so even my picky eater gobbled it up. You can use the red enchilada sauce if you like or throw in some crushed red pepper flakes if you like more heat. Either way, you will be a supah-star with this meal!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekend Potluck #136

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Easy Peach Cobbler

Hello again! Cris here from GOODEness Gracious and Recipes that Crock. Brandie asked me to come back and share another one of my favorite sweet treats with y'all and I was just thrilled to come back for a visit! 
  Easy Peach Cobbler 
 Since you guys seemed to like the Mini Pies I shared recently, and one can never have too many great pie or cobbler recipes in my book, I thought I'd share my VERY favorite cobbler recipe. We make this recipe all the time with all kinds of flavors, but in honor of my Dad, I will share his very favorite-- Skillet Peach Cobbler-- with you today. peach skillet 
 This cobbler recipe is not only easy to throw together, it tastes incredible!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekend Potluck #135

So my kitchen saga continues. Thankfully we can at least see the finish line (albeit with a few speed bumps still in sight.) The latest, as I sit here and type, is the buckled hardwood floors are being fixed. It's depressing to see hardwood being cut and pulled up. Just when you think you are done with at least one project, it comes back to haunt you. It turns out the hardwood floors were put down over subfloors that were a bit damp from a previously leaking pipe. And, as we all know, hardwood floors and moisture don't mix. So here we go with more staining, polyurethane, and can't walk on the kitchen floor for 3 days.  Not to mention, I have three cats to try to keep off of the floors and it makes my kitchen off limits and we just got the strong polyurethane smell and all the dust gone from the last time the floors were done. (sigh) 
The good news is the countertops came in and were installed this week. After 3 weeks of plywood countertops, it almost looks strange to see the real ones. I am so happy with how they look. I went with the quartz countertops because they are very durable and don't require all the fuss (and the price tag!) that granite countertops do. 
I can cut right on these babies and it won't harm them at all! The backsplash went up yesterday. Today the grout goes in the backsplash and we just found out not enough grout was ordered. It was a special order color and so now I have no idea how long it will take to finish the grout job. I'm hoping the store can find the color somewhere here locally so all this can get wrapped up. 
This kitchen renovation has taken over two and half months (not to mention the additional two months it took to plan it, measurements, etc.) and well, I'm over it. I love the cabinets and hardware and appliances I picked.  I wanted a mix of that country-feel but with a few modern touches here and there. And I'm in love with my farmhouse sink. 
I am just so very ready to have this kitchen all to myself and make it my own. So I'm really trying to stay upbeat and positive. Of course I'm thankful that I get this pretty kitchen after all these years of saving money. It's just been a really bumpy and rough road. The lack of attention to detail and the lack of respect to my time (and my work) by some of the folks working on my project has been frustrating. You work hard and save year after year waiting for the day when you will be able to see a project like this come to life. And it's almost heartbreaking to keep hearing excuse after excuse for why a project isn't finished or why something was ordered wrong or why the floors are buckling, or why the sink can't be installed or why I have to wait two more weeks because enough product wasn't ordered or why they wouldn't install temporary countertops when they promised they would or why there is a piece missing to the faucet I ordered and now it won't fit into the countertops correctly or why no one is communicating properly with anyone else, or why the trim work looks funky. You see what I mean?  It's frustrating because sometimes I wonder if it's because I'm a woman and my concerns don't seem to be taken seriously...or my money. I have to wonder.  Some days I feel like I am on one of those home improvement shows and I'm gonna have to call Mike Holmes in to fix all the problems! What would you do in this situation? Y'all, pray for my sanity these next couple of weeks. Also, don't get me started on my windows and vertical blinds being ordered wrong. That'll be for another post. Again, {sigh}. 
I need some good food right about now. What do ya say? Let's get to this potluck and get my mind off of my kitchen renovation drama! 

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Must-Make Apple & Pumpkin Recipes

 Holly here from Life in the Lofthouse! I'm so happy to be here today to share some pretty fabulous Apple and Pumpkin recipes! Fall season is almost here, and I'm so excited to get my Fall baking on and enjoy the smells coming from the kitchen! 
The recipes Brandie and I are sharing are some of the most delicious Fall recipes out there. Come take a look and see if you can find some new recipes to try!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekend Potluck #134

Happy Friday! So apparently football season has officially started. Not that I pay any real attention to the game itself. I'm more of a "come for the game but enjoy the food" kinda gal. How many of y'all tailgate? I would love to hear about some of your favorite foods to make for tailgating. I always enjoy having some fresh, new ideas when it comes to tailgate-friendly, finger foods.
I think that Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad and those Lemon Brownies shown below would make some good eats when tailgating. So let's get on with this potluck!

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

South Your Mouth Lasagna

Mandy here from South Your MouthBless Brandie’s heart! As many of you know, she’s without a kitchen right now so I thought I’d do what I would if she lived nearby and bring her and her family something good to eat!

This is Classic Lasagna is my go-to dish to take folks when they have a baby, get laid up from surgery, are having a tough time or who just simply can’t get to the kitchen to cook (like Brandie!)

I like to deliver this with a big loaf of crusty bread, one of those family-sized bagged Caesar salads, a pack of paper plates and a 6-pack of cold soda!

You can go ahead and bake this or you can cover it and freeze since it heats up beautifully (thaw completely then cook per the recipe).

Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekend Potluck #133

Well, my kitchen is slowly getting there.  Now, I need to make a deal with y'all first before I go any further. Promise me that if I ever mention renovating anything in my house again, that you'll smack me. Ok, smacking might be hard to do over the computer, but I will expect some strongly worded emails from y'all reminding me of this hectic kitchen experience. 
(kitchen after everything was tore out - photo from my Instagram)

We expected small things to pop up but it has been one delay after another. It's been two months...that's all I'm gonna say. Well, I might say just a little more to give ya a better picture along with pictures. Because I'm detailed like that.  And I need sympathy. 
 I was supposed to get my countertops in this week. But the company is behind on orders so it may be another week or two. Who knows? Right now plywood is functioning as my countertop. 
I finally got my sink and faucet in. The faucet was a bear to install and then we found out the sink was installed too high. I love this farmhouse sink y'all, but she has been a diva right from the beginning! And now my hardwood floors are buckling and need repairs. 
(pay no attention to Lulu, the curious kitty that apparently loves to photobomb any & all photos)

Taking deep breaths and praying it will be done soon. I just keep telling myself how blessed we are to be able to renovate the kitchen. I figure if I just keep telling myself to be thankful, then everything will fall into place. Right? Right? Just shake your heads up and down for me (hee hee.)
Alright, now let's get to this good food that I am just itching to make!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

25 Must-Make Freezer-Safe Recipes

Around this time of year, I get quite a few requests for Back to School meal ideas. Everyone's schedule gets more hectic around this time of year. For some folks, it just never stops! So, a couple of weeks ago, we put together a bunch of recipes that are perfect for the Crock Pot and are family-friendly. Today, I'm sharing a bunch of recipes that are freezer friendly. All of these recipes can be made in advance (or doubled) and easily go in the freezer. Then all you have to do is take it out and either heat it up or cook it!
One of the best time-saving tricks is to have a meal planning day (if possible) once a week. Then get your groceries and take a couple of hours to get as much made as possible for the week. Make it a family affair! Even if they don't like to cook, they can still help clean up, do dishes and get everything properly packed. Then pop it all in the refrigerator, so all you have to do during the week is take it out of the freezer and pop it in the oven, in the crock pot or on the stove top. This is especially good for teenagers who are old enough to be responsible in the kitchen. You can write the cooking instructions on the freezer bags or aluminum foil using a marker. Then they can get dinner started for the family. This was how I learned to get more comfortable in the kitchen as a kid and it really helped my Mom out when she worked later in the evenings. I just know you are going to love these recipes! Included are some from my favorite food bloggers!