Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Maraschino Cherry Cake

What do you do when jars of maraschino cherries are on sale for $1.00 at Kroger? Well, you buy a few then start making a whole lotta banana splits and of course, cherry cake. Or...is that just me? Hey, when you get a good deal - you gotta make the most of it. And it also helps me get creative and come up with some new recipes to share with y'all.
I had an old Betty Crocker recipe for cherry cake. It was a totally from-scratch cake and involved sifting and making layers and it had a ton of frosting. A very good recipe but I wanted to make something a whole lot simpler than all of that. So, I used a boxed cake mix, added some of my on-sale (woot! woot!) maraschino cherry juice and used my own cream cheese frosting recipe (which takes this cake over the top!) and I am so pleased with how this turned out! I also added a touch of almond extract to everything because it just goes so darn well with cherries! And isn't it just purdy?

Friday, July 22, 2016

Skillet Cowboy Rice Casserole ~ Weekend Potluck #232

The recipe with the most clicks was...

Skillet Cowboy Rice Casserole by Melissa’s Southern Syle Kitchen

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Lemon Ice Box Cake by From This to That by Linda

Baked Sweet & Sour Chicken by Living on Cloud Nine

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Served Up With Love ~ Melissa 
Mommy's Kitchen ~ Tina
The Country Cook ~ Brandie
The Better Baker ~ Marsha
Sweet Little Bluebird ~ Mary

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Crock Pot Sausage & Little Potatoes

Summer is in full effect here in Virginia. It is hot, hot, hot! And humid. Oh mercy, it's the humidity that is the worst. It's like stepping into a hot bowl of soup when you walk outside. So, around here, we are using the slow cooker like it is going out of style! And, since my son is out of school for the summer, he is able to help me more with fixing supper and the slow cooker is a great way for him to learn to cook.
Alex is ten years old now so he's able to do more of the chopping and slicing (with my supervision-of course.) It's a good age to give him a bit more responsibility instead of just dumping and stirring. But since my guy doesn't have the longest attention span in the world, I try to keep it to recipes that have just a handful of ingredients that don't take long to prepare. Alex can pretty much do this whole recipe on his own. I chopped the onions but he did the rest. Be sure to check out all the Little Potato Company Little Chef Recipes
Plus, as a Momma, I want him to grow up to be able to properly cook for himself and his family. He's not super interested in cooking but it's an important skill that he needs to know like doing laundry, cleaning the house and making sure his feet don't stink! 
This meal is SO good! It's creamy and so, so flavorful! There are lots of ways you can change this up to make it just how your family would enjoy it. For example, you could use hot dogs in this instead of sausage. You can also leave the onions out if your kiddos would balk at seeing those in there. And don't let the cream of mushroom soup scare you off. I hate mushrooms. They are so gross to me. But I love the cream of mushroom soup in this - weird, right? I would not substitute it and my husband (who also doesn't like mushrooms) had no idea we even used the cream of mushroom soup in this. He gobbled it up! Plus, you could add in other veggies your family enjoys in this. The Little Potato creamer potatoes are packed with nutrition all on their own. I like using these Terrific Trio varietals because they add such pretty color and flavor. But you could certainly use the Baby Boomer yellow creamer potatoes. The cajun seasoning adds just a small kick of flavor. You can half that amount if anyone in your family is sensitive to pepper. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Cinnamon Swirl Peach Bread ~ Weekend Potluck #231

Happy Friday and welcome to another Weekend Potluck! I am so honored that my recipe was the most popular at Weekend Potluck last week - thank you SO much! I'm not sure I have ever had the most popular recipe so I'm honored. Especially since there were so many yummy ones to click on! We've got some really great and NEW recipes to share today. I hope you'll find lots of recipes to love. Just be sure to click on the photos below to take you to the recipe!

The recipe with the most clicks was...

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti by The Counry Cook
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