Monday, May 2, 2016

Crock Pot Jalapeño Popper Corn Dip

I think I have your new favorite fun Cinco de Mayo dip. This is a take on the traditional corn dip but with the added flavors of yummy jalapeño poppers! AND BONUS: it's made in a slow cooker - woot! You can make it ahead of time and then take it with you to your Cinco de Mayo celebration. Then all you have to do is plug it in and keep it on the warm setting.
Or if you're hosting the Cinco de Mayo fun at your house - then I can help you with all of that. And it couldn't be easier. First, make this dip. Second, pick up some José Olé Mexican snacks. Our personal favorites are the taquitos and the mini tacos. Oh, and the mini chimichangas are so good too! 
The taquitos are perfect for dipping and all of these José Olé Mexican snacks are easy to serve since they are bite size and great finger foods. Plus, we all want time to spend with our family and guests when they come over, right? Who wants to be fussing over making lots of complicated food and creating a ton of dishes to wash later? Not me! 
Pop the frozen snacks into the oven for 10-12 minutes and then set them out with some chips and salsa and this corn dip and you've got an amazing (and easy on the hostess) spread. Be sure to grab a $1.00 off coupon for any José Olé Mexican snack: HERE. Place all your snacks on brightly colored plates or in colorful bowls and serve with your favorite drinks (maybe a little sangria) and you've got a fun Mexican-inspired celebration! Olé!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Recipes to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

Hello fellow Country Cook readers, I'm Melissa from Served Up With Love stopping by to share some ah-mazing Cinco De Mayo recipes to help you celebrate.  Mexican food is my favorite so any chance I get to celebrate, I am all in.  
If you were to ask either one of my kids what they want to eat for supper, almost always it will be some kind of Mexican inspired recipe. In fact, when I was pregnant with our daughter, all I craved was Mexican food. My lunch for many months consisted of a Mexican pizza from Taco Bell. I ate so many of those things it was crazy. Funny thing is, I am not sure if I have had one since and she is almost 10! So of course, Mexican food is our daughter's favorite. 

So if you are looking to have a fiesta to celebrate Cinco De Mayo you have come to the right place. From appetizers, main dishes, drinks, and of course dessert, we have you covered.

Grab your sombreros and party on!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why I Don't Have A Published Cookbook...and Cheesecake!

Note: I am talking today. Talking A LOT. So in between all the talking, I thought I'd throw in some recipes to entice you to get all the way to the bottom of my incessant talking. But if you click away, come back, okay? 
People's opinions and thoughts matter. But not as much as your own. This is a mantra I have to remind myself of daily. 
I'm a people-pleaser from way back. I was the kid always striving to get my parents to shower me with praise by trying to do well in school, or joining orchestra and learning to play the violin, or getting into baseball card collecting because that was something my Dad enjoyed with my brother, or putting on some sort of show for them to entertain them or trying really hard to always keep my room clean and doing chores that I thought would be helpful. 

But what do you do when the praise is hard to come by? When you aren't the prettiest girl or the smartest girl? Well, if you're like me, you keep doing those things that I mentioned above until you eventually burn out and are completely lost and finally come to terms that it's not going to come when you want it and you can't live your life for someone else. That, no matter how hard you try to be the person everyone wants you or expects you to be, it never happens. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers

There was one dish my Mom made when I was a kid that I loved - Stuffed Peppers! My Mom would make her Spanish Rice and then stuff that into green bell peppers. Oh my gracious - there is nothing I love more than the smell of stuffed peppers cooking! She would then top it all off with a slice of American cheese and pop it under the broiler until the cheese melted. Mmm. Mmm! I still make my stuffed peppers that way. But I decided it might be fun to switch it up a bit!
I thought, instead of just American cheese, why not some Price*s pimiento cheese? There is so much flavor in pimiento cheese, why not add that yummy flavor to stuffed peppers? And ya know what? It turned out amazing! 
I added Price*s Southern Style Pimiento Cheese right into the beef and rice mixture so it could get all melty with the other ingredients. Then, for good measure, I added more cheese on top. It will be the secret ingredient that no one will guess is there but will make all the difference! And because I love to make any recipe possible in the crock pot, we are slow cooking these babies!
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