Monday, July 21, 2014

Life's Good in the Kitchen!

You know, it kinda feels like I've been in the process of moving forever. It took a few months to find our new home, then it took us some time to figure out if we wanted to take on a home that needed some updating, then it took even more time to close on the sale. We were boxing things up, trying to clean out the old house, gathering items to donate, picking out new kitchen cabinets, flooring, new appliances and paint colors. And well, in between all that, life is happening. Summer is happening! Trying to squeeze in meal times and figuring how to cook while I was in between kitchens has been a challenge! But in the midst of all of that, I am so incredibly grateful. I'm grateful that I get to complain about all the challenges of moving because it means I have a home. I'm grateful that I have a job that is flexible and has allowed me to take care of my family and home first. And I'm grateful for new kitchen appliances. Hee Hee. Did I mention I am shopping for new kitchen appliances? I am over-the-moon giddy about that. Be sure to scroll down and see how you can enter to win some #LGKitchen appliances!
So this ended up being perfect timing as I was learning about the different appliances that were gonna work for me and my family. As for most things in my life, they need to be practical and functional to the core. I don't need anything flashy. I need it to work and I need it to work well. And they have to be appliances that were made for a cook who likes to cook and bake. My home revolves around the kitchen as it does in most homes. Life is good in the kitchen! And I've cooked and cleaned many kitchens in my day and it's where the heart of my home is! So enter LG appliances...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Sweet Treats Recipe Round-Up

 Heyyy guys! It's Holly, back from Life In The Lofthouse  to share with you an awesome round up today. Today's round up is all things Summer! Cool, refreshing, sweet treats to help you cool off during this HOT Summer!
 I think out of all the round-ups I've shared, this one is my favorite. What better way to enjoy the summer, after a long day at the pool or beach, with a yummy dessert? Brandie and I have a bunch of awesome and seriously tempting desserts to show you, so come check them out!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekend Potluck #127

Happy Friday! So sorry I've been a bit scarce lately. We've just finished moving to a new house. We're slowly chugging along getting things put up and away. However, we start some renovations on the new house soon and well, we all know how fun that is! But I know it's all gonna be worth it. If I can just hang on to my sanity a bit longer. So, let's get to this food and get the weekend started! That always brightens my day!

The recipe with the most clicks (and a link back) was...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekend Potluck #126

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Monday, July 7, 2014

No-Bake Chunky Monkey Cake

   Hello, friends! It's Holly from Life in the Lofthouse here today to share a delicious and no-fuss pudding cake! With this summer heat, it's no bake and cold desserts that we all crave.
This divine pudding cake has layers of chocolate and vanilla pudding stacked between graham crackers. Then it's topped off with slices of banana and crushed graham crackers. I made this cake for our 4th of July barbecue and it was such a huge hit! It was gone in no time at all. The kids and adults were all raving about it afterwards!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Weekend Potluck #125

Happy Independence Day! I hope y'all have a super fun and safe Fourth of July! I was never one to memorize poetry or deep philosophical quotes.  Here is a fun little poem that my son learned in preschool and it has stuck with me ever since. I gotta stick with the basics man.
A Rocket in My Pocket
I've got a rocket
In my pocket;
I cannot stop to play.
Away it goes!
I've burned my toes.
It's Independence Day.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

4th of July Recipe Round-Up

 Hi friends! It's Holly again, from Life in the Lofthouse, and I'm so excited to be here today. Can anyone else believe the 4th of July is this Friday? Wowza! This year is truly flying by! I love this holiday! Fireworks, food, being with family and friends, celebrating our country's freedom! It's always a great time. In case you're still planning your party, below I've got a ton of yummy recipe ideas everyone is sure to love!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekend Potluck #124

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Philly Cheesesteak Pasta {GIVEAWAY}

Some of y'all might remember that I recently mentioned that I am in the process of moving. It's been a slow process to say the least. And it's hawt out, y'all. HOT (All caps hot!) We're clearly smart planners when it comes to picking the perfect moving time. But we're getting there. One box at a time. Along with that, we have the fun task of trying to deep clean two homes. The house we're moving into needs some love and attention. Poor gal has been a bit neglected in recent years. 
So, anyway, my point to mentioning all of that, in addition to your sympathy, is the food planning has been, well, nonexistent. And let's face it, no matter how good the food is your picking up to eat while on the run, it gets old. You know what I'm talking about. If you see one more burger, pizza or sub, you're gonna hurl. Yep, I'm there. And I'm not ashamed to admit to using a little help in the kitchen, just to get me through the week and not have to eat another cold sandwich or hamburger. Even if we are just sitting criss-cross applesauce on the floor in a circle in an empty house while eating. So enter Momma's little helper. VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets. Have y'all started to see these in your grocery stores yet? They are basically a meal in a box.
It comes with pretty much everything you need. 
All you gotta do is add the meat and water (or in some cases milk). 
So as you are going down the grocery aisles; hot, sweaty and exhausted and your kids are acting like a bunch of wild wolves and you're starting to wonder if they can possibly be related to you, grab a box or two of this stuff and you can hurry out of dodge. All I gotta do is turn the box around and boom! all I need to make it is on the back of the box. No hard thinking/planning involved. Halleluyer! No oven needed and it's all made in ONE skillet. I can grab a bag of those microwaveable steamed veggies and Momma has got dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less! 
VELVEETA has a pretty hilarious ad campaign with these Cheesy Skillet dinners. I'm sure you've seen the commercials recently to promote these skillet meals. This one is my favorite - hilarious!

VELVEETA also wants to remind folks what their skillet is for. So, They went on a popular auction website (you know the one!) and bought more than a thousand skillets. Then returned those skillets to the sellers along with a box of VELVEETA Cheesy Skillets. VELVEETA thought since so many folks were selling skillets, they must've forgotten what they are used for! They seriously did this. So funny!
All I can say is, these meals have totally saved my sanity and my weeknight supper.
And my sanity. Did I mention my sanity? 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekend Potluck #123

Welcome to summer! Well, at least in my part of the world. The temperatures have really started to soar and it feels like we are in the thick of it now! However, there is still so much I love about this time of year! Fresh fruits and veggies, relaxing outside when the sun starts to go down (with plenty of bug spray of course), grilling and ice cream that feels so good on a hot day! 
We had such a hard time picking our favorites this week. We just love seeing all the summer recipes being shared each week. So I added a couple of recipes to my personal favorite list. Enjoy

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Bread

So, this next recipe is sinful. I mean, it's finger-lickin', "Where's my napkin?", "Is that icing on my shirt?", "How many exclamation points can I add after the word 'good'!!", good. Like, you won't be able to stop at one bite, good. You have been warned my sweet friend... 
Now, you can use any type of round bread for this. I prefer this Hawaiian Sweet Bread but if you can't find it where you are, just use any sweet, yeast round bread.