Friday, August 8, 2014

Weekend Potluck #130

Happy Friday, friends! Hope this day kicks off an amazing weekend for you. I've taken some time off this week to put my toes in the sand and hang out in the sun and unplug some. You just gotta do that sometimes and it's taken me a long time to learn when to actually step away (when possible). It's not easy to leave your worries behind. But sometimes when you make up your mind to take a break, your body somehow learns to follow eventually.  I'm pretty sure I'm solar-powered. It's amazing how having your face in the sun everyday can lighten your mood and take the load off your shoulders for a while. I had almost forgotten how good that felt. And I'd almost forgotten how enjoyable it was just to watch my son being a kid and being playful with him. 
It's easy to get so caught up in providing for our families that we often become too exhausted to actually participate in the fun things. As an older Momma, I have mostly learned to let go of the bathing suit anxieties. I just put it on and get out there. It's more important to me that my son and I have these experiences together than for him to grow up just remembering his Mom always sitting on the sidelines. I've also kept the cooking down to a bare minimum. I love to cook (obviously) but when you're taking a break, that also means not spending hours in the kitchen to cook labor intensive food for every single meal. It means packing simple lunches of sandwiches and chips or eating out at fun little Mom & Pop places along the way or grilling up some burgers.  It's been a needed reminder that it's more about the time together than it is about the actual meal. So now that I got my mind and heart where it needs to be, let's get to some good grub and our potluck. Lots of great dishes here that I can't wait to make (as soon as I have an oven again.) Note: I'm also remodeling my kitchen which also explains why I needed to take a break for a while. 
Also, just a final reminder for those of you who are food bloggers. The Southern Food Blogger Retreat is almost full. This will be the best blogger conference you have ever attended! AND, it's not just for southerners!  You are going to learn so much in this intimate atmosphere that is all about encouraging each other. No big conferences. No getting lost in the crowd. Just hands-on learning and growing your relationships with others who do exactly what you do! So make sure to register now before it's too late! I'm going and I sure would love to see you there. 

The recipe with the most clicks was...

Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad by Spicy Southern Kitchen

Recipes that caught our attention ~

Creamy Chicken Bake by Sweet Little Bluebird

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream by Practical Stewardship

And, a personal favorite ~

Bacon Wrapped BBQ Meatballs by My Pinterventures

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream!! Hope you have a great weekend, Brandi!

  2. Thanks Brandi for hosting another Weekend Potluck! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. Hi Brandie!
    Happy Friday :0)
    Thanks so much for hosting another great party!
    Have a fantastic weekend,

  4. Thanks for hosting such a yummy party Brand1!

  5. Thank you all for hosting and a big thank you so much for the feature! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Cheers!

  6. As an Alabama native, I want to
    thank you for showing Alabama some love in your Weekend Potlock #130.

    Will try to attend the Southern Food Blogger retreat.

    Tweeted this at Twitter under @louiefoodie

    Thanks again

  7. Thanks for the party, Brandi! Hope you're enjoying your summer! I know exactly what you mean about the bathing suit anxiety - I always have to tell myself that I won't be the biggest one there, but if I don't go out, I may end up the palest one there.

  8. Thank you so much for hosting! I have been awhile from this link party for a bit, but so glad I have returned, it's a really great time here :-)

  9. Love your party...thanks for hosting. Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch

  10. I have never heard anyone say they were solar powered but that hits the nail right on the head. I'm that exact same way and it describes it perfectly. :) Thanks for the lingo!

  11. Thanks for letting me link to your party! I'm returning to blogging after a break and I so excited to be back. If you get a chance swing by New South Charm and check out my other posts!



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