Friday, May 13, 2011

Strawberry Recipe Roundup

I really hope y'all have enjoyed Strawberry Week here on The Country Cook. 
It is Strawberry Month here in Virginia and the crops seems to have produced some gorgeous berries.  
I thought I'd compile a list of all the strawberry inspired recipes that have been shared here. 
I hope you get a chance to try some of them. 
Be sure to come back and let me know if you do!
Farmhouse Strawberry Pie
*Strawberry pies are so beautiful!*

Strawberry Shortcake Cake
*Not only easy to make but the taste is outta this world good!*

Sparkling Strawberry Punch 
*So refreshing! Non-alcoholic and perfect for picnics, BBQ's and baby & bridal showers!*

Strawberry Lemon Shortbread Bars
*A creamy, sweet treat with just a little lemon-y tang!*

Strawberry Bread
* A sweet bread that is slightly addictive and can be eaten in so many different ways.*
Eton Mess
*If you've never heard of this or have never made it, you need to right now! 
It is a gorgeous combination of strawberries, whipped cream and meringues- yum!*

Creamy Fruit Dip
*A wonderful dip that is good with any kind of fruit. Creamy, yummy, deliciousness.* 
Probably my most favorite recipe is not really a recipe at all.
Just some sugar and strawberries!



  1. Yay! Blogger is back up! I may need to steal this idea of a recipe round-up. I have yummy strawberry recipes that I should remind my peeps about. I like the idea in general. Thanks for all your yummy treats :)

  2. Great round up! Whole lotta yum goin on here!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the "strawberry" roundup. It was perfect timing as I had too many strawberries and needed to use them up. I made the strawberry bread and we loved loved loved it <3 Thank you!

  4. these all look sooooo good! I can't wait to try the strawberry bread!

  5. Wonderful strawberries - YUM.
    :-) Mandy

  6. I love strawberries, and these all look amazing!

  7. I think this layout is enough to keep me busy come next month when our berry season hits:) Thanks Brandie!

  8. looks delish! thanks for partying with whipperberry!

  9. We were supposed to go and pick some strawberries this weekend but due to the weather conditions we postponed it till next weekend. Virginia's farms are full of berries and I can't wait to put my hands on some.
    Great round-up Brandie, all looks fantastic, hard to pick just one.

  10. What a fabulous round-up, Brandie. Each recipe looks so good, it's difficult which one to make first. We've no excuses to eat strawbs on their own ;-)

  11. Such a great idea to do a strawberry round many delicious ideas!

  12. This recipe round-up is perfect- I just picked 8 more qts. of berries this weekend, and we're eating them just as fast as we can! Everything looks delicious. :)

  13. This makes me hungry! I could eat strawberries for every meal! Yummy!

  14. That is a beautiful bunch of strawberry recipes. I am enjoying using them in salads and desserts. I have to print a few of these.

  15. Yummy! I do love a good strawberry. We enjoy them with rhubarb, and also with brown sugar and sour cream.

  16. I am eager to go strawberry picking next month. These recipes I will surely bookmark until then!

  17. Yummmmm.......All those strawberries are making me dizzy! I think the strawberry shortcake is most fabulous!


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