Friday, May 6, 2011

Homemade Window Cleaner

I'm sharing a different kind of recipe today. This one involves household cleaning solutions.

My Momma makes this stuff by the gallon and she usually just gives me some when she makes a visit here. This cleaner works so well. 
 And you can make a lot of it for just pennies on the dollar. 
Just spray your windows, glass or mirrors with it and then wipe with a clean, soft cloth
or paper towels.  So I asked my Mom if she wouldn't mind sharing her recipe for it since I never paid attention to how she made it (bad daughter!) and she kindly obliged. 
My Mom even labels the bottle for me. Ain't she sweet?
2 cups Rubbing Alcohol
1 tsp. of Prell Shampoo (y'all remember that stuff, right?)

Pour rubbing alcohol and shampoo into a 1 gallon jug, then fill the rest of the way with water. 
Give it a good shake. 
Pour into spray bottles.

That's it, you're done. So easy!

Momma's Note: Believe it or not, they still make Prell shampoo but if you can't find it for some reason, Mom says you can just use liquid dish detergent. And my husband would like me to mention that this works great on car windows too.
For those of you wondering what Prell shampoo is and what it looks like .
Here ya go. Prell has been around for a long time! I found it
on the bottom row at the grocery store near the Pert shampoo.


  1. What a great idea! I want to give these a try. Thanks for the recipes!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. I didn't know they still made Prell! :)

  3. Huh, I'm gonna have to try this one. I usually do a solution of vinegar and water for cleaning just about everything but your stuff would smell a whole lot better ;) I just love homemade cleaning products, so simple, natural and non toxic for the most part.

  4. Prell smells so good. Whenever I smell it, I think of a girl I went to school with. She had the most beautiful, thick, dark hair and every time she walked past you, you could smell her hair..LOL. When I asked her what she used, she said Prell cause that's what her Mom always kept in the shower. I wonder if she knows that I'm still thinking about her hair 25 years later..LOL.

  5. I haven't seen Prell in years (though, I can honestly say I haven't had a reason to look for it until now, so it may be that I just didn't see what was right in front of my face). I love the idea of making my own cleaners.

  6. You are a mind reader! I just cleaned my french door windows and they are all streaky. I was thinking that I needed to look up homemade cleaners and here you are posting one before I do it. Thanks!

  7. Could you please post that recipe for the homemade laudry soap that you talked about from Mom's Sunday Cafe.

    I'm looking for a way to save on laundry that works and is not harsh on sensitive skins.

    Thank You!!!

  8. Hi Becky, Here's the direct link to Melynda's recipe for laundry detergent.
    You can also click on the link, in the above post. I would post the recipe but Melynda has really good illustrative pictures to help you out and she does a great job explaining how to make it.

  9. This is awesome..better than sticky vinegar:)))) thanks for sharing!

  10. Girl, you are AWESOME! I love this recipe! I can't wait to give it try next time I need window cleaner! (I just bought a gallon sized thing at Sam's... haha!)

  11. What a great idea. We are always looking for something new and frugal to try.

  12. Thanks for the great recipe for window cleaner and the super shout out! I appreciate it! I will be looking for some Prell, thanks.

  13. Love it!! Ha ha! WHat a recipe to share :)

  14. I love things like this! I am definitely going to give this a try! I love how cheap it is!

  15. I dabbled a little in the homemade laundry detergent while I was cloth diapering my boys. I don't remember the details of what I made up, I *think* it was from the Duggars (of "19 kids and counting" fame).

    (Yes, I found it here: ...and it's VERY similar to Melynda's. The ingredients are similar, but it's a liquid detergent).

    Anyway, I wonder if you can find Prell at a Dollar Store. I couldn't believe when I saw "AIM" toothpaste there recently!

    My parented used Prell "Concentrate" when I was younger (if I smell it I'm sure billions of memories of my childhood will come back), and I remember helping myself to the same amount as a non-concentrated shampoo once (I think I was 10-12 years old). I cried when I couldn't get the shampoo out of my hair.

  16. I remember Prell shampoo. It used to come with a "pearl" in the bottom, didn't it? This is a handy recipe to have on hand! :)

  17. I love homemade cleaners so thanks to your Mom for sharing. I don't know Prell shampoo at all, don't get it here so I will substitute it out with dishwashing liquid.
    :-) Mandy

  18. This is such a great post! I love that you gave a recipe for a homemade cleaner. So much cheaper and than the store bought items! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Great idea Brandie and really inexpensive! Now all I need is someone to wash the windows for me!
    Thanks for sharing - love it!

  20. i use corn starch and water which works really good and it antifog's your mirrors. You can only make it in small batches because it does not last for more then about 12 hours.
    another great tip for getting soap scum off your shower and shower door is a dryer sheet, I was really surprised at how well it really does work. I have very hard water and soap scum is very hard to get off but this really works great.

  21. Brandi, I love all your recipes! So funny, I always read peoples window cleaner recipe just to see if it is the same as mine, WHICH I LOVE. And what a shocker to see that YOUR RECIPE was MY RECIPE! Love it! The one thing I love is The Prell, it smells so good. My neighbor gave me this recipe, she never-ever has streaks. She got the recipe from a friend that washes windows for a living. Anyway, the first time I made it, the smell brought me back to my childhood, when we actually used it for our hair. I was totally geeked to see it on your blog.

  22. Hi! I am so glad that I came across your website! I recipes look great & I can't wait to try them!!!!


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