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How does a Sponsored Post work? 
In order to review your product, or to create a recipe for your product, I will need a sample. I will create a recipe or sample the product and write a blog post featuring the product and/or recipe. Product and recipe will be photographed. The post will then be shared on all social media channels as well as an email sent out to all newsletter subscribers promoting the product and recipe. Once the review post is live, I will notify you by email and include a link back to the post. In the review post I will include a direct link to the company’s main website or product page. I will use any graphics, logos or links per your request. Please contact me for rates.

Advertisements & Compensation
The sponsored post will be clearly stated as sponsored content within the post. The agreed upon compensation is for my time in writing, photographing and creating content and/or recipe creation for that post or program. I operate under a full disclosure policy in accordance with FCC rules and guidelines. Advertisements by a third party ad network will be clearly identified as paid advertisements.  Based on what your company requires, we can work on a proper compensation amount, please email me for further details:
Brandie Skibinski 

Time Sensitive Deadlines
If you need your product review handled in a certain time frame, please let me know prior to the review as I always have a list of upcoming reviews. Reviews and giveaways are handled in the order I receive them.

Thank you for your consideration!

For more information, please contact:
Brandie Skibinski
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