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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back-to-School Super Lunch

We are gearing up around here for back-to-school. I gotta admit, I always face this time of year with a bit of dread. Not because of school starting, but because it means summer is coming to a close. And I know next summer, my little boy will be a bigger boy and it feels like his childhood gets closer to coming to a close too. I know all Mommas feel this exact same way. So, when I think about back-to-school, I think about ways to keep that summer fun going. And one of the ways I can do that is through the lunches I pack for him. I can pack my super sweet kid a super lunch and put a smile on his face when he opens that lunch sack.
Now, for those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you know I am not an overly-fussy Momma in terms of creating lunchtime masterpieces. You will never see me spending hours cutting pieces of bread and veggies into cute little animal shapes. It just ain't gonna happen. But that doesn't mean lunch can't be fun or that I don't have a few tricks up my sleeve. In the morning, my focus is efficiency and getting everyone out of the door with all their appropriate clothes and books in tow and a nutritious and yummy lunch. And look what just came along to help all of us parents make sure our little super heroes are getting a punch of nutrition in their lunch boxes.
New Del Monte® Fusions are yummy fruit served in a crazy-good, lightly sweetened veggie and fruit juice. It's the fruit cups we're all familiar with. My Alex LOVES them and with one combined serving of fruit and veggies, I love it too. It has the goodness of veggies and the yumminess of fruit. I buy a pack for him and a pack for me and my hubby! Hey, parents need those fruit and veggies too, ya know. 
The Peach Mango flavor is one of our favorites. There is also Cherry Fruit Trio and Apple Pear Watermelon! No high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors or flavors. We love that, right? So go on, throw a little veggie in their lunch box (psst...go to to get a $1 off coupon!). All they'll know is that it's good! So let me show you how you can make a fun (and nutritious) lunch for your super kid. And it will only take you minutes!
This Super Hero lunch is going to be a turkey and cheese sandwich along with "Thor Hammers" (pretzel sticks and cheese), 100% juice drink and of course, our cup of DelMonte Fusions®
Like I said earlier, I can't cut masterpieces out of bread and vegetables but I can print stickers! What kid doesn't love stickers. I've created a couple of free printables (scroll down to the end) for you to use. We're going to slap them on some of our lunchbox items and transform this lunch into one a superhero (Mom!) can be proud. 
First up, we'll make the 'Thor Hammers'. These are just pretzel sticks gently pushed into a cube of cheddar cheese. Boom! This will take you about 2 minutes to do (if even that.) Don't press them in too hard or you'll bust open the cube of cheese.
Next, we're going to add a super hero cape to our fruit juice bottle. The good news is, the cape is also a napkin. So it's functional not just cute. Fold it into a triangle (like a bandana). 
Then tie the pointed ends together. 
And boom! A super hero cape!
How cute are these? It's nothing fancy but the kids sure do love it!
Now, back to those stickers. I put one onto our DelMonte Fusions® fruit & veg cup. 
And I wrapped up the turkey sandwich and put a sticker on it too. You can use butcher paper but you can also just put it into a plastic bag or plastic wrap and put the sticker on it as well. No need to be fussy. We're trying to keep this simple. 
This particular sandwich was made with a sub roll. But you could make it into a wrap using different types of tortillas.
You've got lunch in the bag and it's healthy! And you look like a superhero Momma because you packed a cool lunch. Plus, chances are your kid will come home wearing one of these stickers on their shirt which will put a smile on YOUR face. 

SUPER HERO stickers work best with Avery 2" Round Labels #22807/22817

SANDWICH LABELS work best with Avery 2" Round Labels #22807/22817

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Del Monte . The opinions and text are all mine.

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