Monday, July 21, 2014

Life's Good in the Kitchen!

You know, it kinda feels like I've been in the process of moving forever. It took a few months to find our new home, then it took us some time to figure out if we wanted to take on a home that needed some updating, then it took even more time to close on the sale. We were boxing things up, trying to clean out the old house, gathering items to donate, picking out new kitchen cabinets, flooring, new appliances and paint colors. And well, in between all that, life is happening. Summer is happening! Trying to squeeze in meal times and figuring how to cook while I was in between kitchens has been a challenge! But in the midst of all of that, I am so incredibly grateful. I'm grateful that I get to complain about all the challenges of moving because it means I have a home. I'm grateful that I have a job that is flexible and has allowed me to take care of my family and home first. And I'm grateful for new kitchen appliances. Hee Hee. Did I mention I am shopping for new kitchen appliances? I am over-the-moon giddy about that. Be sure to scroll down and see how you can enter to win some #LGKitchen appliances!
So this ended up being perfect timing as I was learning about the different appliances that were gonna work for me and my family. As for most things in my life, they need to be practical and functional to the core. I don't need anything flashy. I need it to work and I need it to work well. And they have to be appliances that were made for a cook who likes to cook and bake. My home revolves around the kitchen as it does in most homes. Life is good in the kitchen! And I've cooked and cleaned many kitchens in my day and it's where the heart of my home is! So enter LG appliances...
Look at that double oven? Say what? I bet that would come in handy during the holidays. A water and ice dispenser in the door is an absolute must for my family. We are like camels. You'd think we were constantly storing water for the dry season or something. And mercy, a QUIET dishwasher. My old dishwasher (and I'm truly not complaining here because I was just thankful to have a dishwasher) sounded like a snoring rhinoceros when it was on. Not that I truly know what a snoring rhinoceros sounds like. But if there was a sound, that was it. Heaven forbid if you tried to watch television while that thing was going. So this LG Dishwasher has my attention for sure. It has three racks! Do you have any idea how many dishes I accumulate in one day? Sure you do. I have no doubt this could fit the bill and actually be energy efficient at the same time. Appliances are like our teammates in the kitchen, you know? They all gotta do their jobs to make it happen!

Speaking of efficient...can any of y'all relate to this? The blank stare into the fridge? As if something might reach out and grab them if they just look long enough. Yep, the call of the wild (a.k.a. hungry teenage boy.) This one is the LG Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator . I think I might be in love here...
I'm sure many of you have seen these hilarious LG commercials. Mom mustache anyone? And they've been compiling Mom Confessions too. Seriously, you will laugh your head off reading what Moms confess to and I'm pretty sure you can this one. Yup. Life is not perfect y'all but it is still oh so good. And some of the happiest moments happen right in our kitchen (messes and all!)
LG is also the kitchen appliance choice on the set of "The Kitchen", the Food Network cooking show featuring co-host Katie Lee. The whole kitchen set is equipped with LG appliances. The refrigerator, microwave, oven and cooktop have all been provided by LG. So you get to see them in action. Katie Lee is also the judge of LG's "Caption This" Contest.
Choose your favorite scene from LG's new kitchen appliance commercials (they are already provided for you on the Contest Page). Then write a clever caption that's sure to grab the attention of Katie Lee. And be sure to come back and vote for your favorite caption from the top 5 finalists! What's up for grabs?

Grand Prize: LG Door-in-Door™ Refrigerator.
Runner–up winners: Retailer gift cards.

Head on over the LG's "Caption This" Contest page to enter and get all the details! That photo up there of the teenager in front of the fridge? That's one of the photos you'll have to choose from. Now, y'all crack me up every single day on this blog so I know some of you have got some hilarious captions for those photos! Shoot, I wish I could enter. I would love a shot at these appliances!

Best of luck and let me know if you end up being a finalist!

LG Home Appliances are your partner in creating memorable cooking experiences and “Life’s Good” moments in the kitchen. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of LG. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Those appliances are beautiful. I'm an appliance girl too. Most all my time is spent in the kitchen. We were just talking the other day about needing a commercial kitchen! We actually built our house 9 years ago and are already having to think about replacements.

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