Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snow Cream

 Snow.  It can be a pain in the patoot when you gotta work in it.  But kids sure do love it.   And grownups too when they get to play in it instead of work around it.  We had our first snow this winter on Thursday.  It was a weird weather week this past week.   It went from 70 degree temperatures to freezing in a matter of days.
And I hadn't really intended on posting this recipe.
But we got snow!
And this particular recipe is pretty special to my hubby.  He has some pretty fond memories of his Grandpa making it for all the grandkids.  Growing up in northern Indiana, Gene was used to seeing the white stuff a lot during winter.  And you learn to make the best of something that can easily become a nuisance.  But here in our part of Virginia, we don't see it quite that often.

So I thought this special event deserved a special, just for fun recipe.  And maybe next time you see that white fluffy stuff, you'll go out there and make some memories with your kiddos too.  Ya know, instead of getting smacked with a wet, cold snowball to the face.  Yep. Been there. Felt that.
8 cups snow (or shaved ice)
1 can (14 oz.) sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp. vanilla extract

First things first, you gotta get the snow.  We all know the basic rule of snow gathering.
No. Yellow. Snow.  You want that fresh stuff. The stuff no one has stepped on.
 Once you've had fun gathering up your snow, add in the sweetened condensed milk.  This must be done wearing a raccoon hat.  Or else it just doesn't turn out.  And you also have to clap and say "Bibbedy bobbidy boo" as you make it as well.  Trust me on this. It's the only way. 
 Then add in vanilla extract.
 Now give it all a good stir.
And maybe mug it up for Momma who is taking your picture.
 Or give her one of these faces which is the more common look around this house.
 Serve immediately.
It's freezing cold but tastes best right after you make it.
And let's face it, everything is better with sprinkles.
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