Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BBQ/Picnic Recipe Roundup

~Just click on the link below each picture to take you to the recipe~

~Sweet Iced Tea~
~Pecan Coated Cheeseball~

~Super Simple Salsa~

~Warm Bean Dip~

~Crock Pot Party Meatballs~

~Foil Potato Packets~

~Virginia Baked Beans~

~Country Potato Salad~

~Caesar Basil Pasta Salad~

~Classic Carrot Salad~
Main Dishes
~Grilled Chicken Skewers~
~Chili Dogs~

~Inside Out Burgers~

~Patricia's Huli Huli Chicken~

~ Roasted Chicken Salad~

~3-Minute Cookie~

~Homemade Banana Pudding~

~Eclair Cake~

~Banana Pudding Pie~

~Orange Delight~

 ~Honey Bun Cake~



  1. I want to spend the 4th of July eating at your place! What a great collection of recipes :)

  2. I'm with Haley!

    What to try, what to try???? They all look SO good!

  3. All of them great choices. Thanks for picking those.

  4. Just looking at the picture got me hungry!
    Thanks for helping me choose what to serve!

  5. The picture of tea in a mason jar cracked me up. Reminded me of all my years in Tennessee where sweet tea was all one word. :) Y'all want some sweetea?

  6. Hi! I saw you link to a post of Susan's (Doughmesstic) and saw that you're in SW VA?!? So am I! I live just 5-10 minutes from Susan, actually. So happy to meet other VA bloggers! :)

  7. Love the chilidog sauce recipe! Made it for 4th of July weekend....thanks for sharing....:-)

  8. ^^^^^^^
    95badgirl@peoplepc.com :-) ooops

  9. Great roundup! Good thing I am on vacation with no kitchen, I don't have to choose! Well maybe not a good thing, I could go for a great home cooked meal today!


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